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PERU July 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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PERU July 2009

PERU July 2009

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PERU July 2009

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  1. PERU July 2009

  2. Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) Responsibilities

  3. Lesson Outline 1. Definition, Functions, and Responsibilities 2. Organization and Manning 3. Relationships with other USG Organizations 4. Interaction with U.S. Defense Industry

  4. What is a SCO? All DoD elements located in a foreign country with assigned responsibilities for carrying out security cooperation/assistance management functions (SC/SA). It includes military assistance advisory groups, military missions and groups, offices of defense and military cooperation, liaison groups, and defense attaché personnel designated to perform SA/SC functions.

  5. Legislated SCO Functions • FMS Case Management • Training Management • Program Monitoring • Evaluation of HN military capabilities and requirements • Rationalization, Standardization, Interoperability (RSI) • International Armaments Cooperative Program (IACP) Sec 515, FAA of 1961

  6. (1) FMS Case Management Bandaria U.S. SCO ? FMS Requirements IA Case Manager “Involved in Case Management vs. Case Manager”

  7. (2) Training Management • Assist HN in identifying, planning, and programming DoD-provided training • Submit HN Combined Ed & Tng Program Plan • Convey HN requirements to MILDEPs • Provide HN with training prerequisites • Conduct language testing • Prepare Invitational Travel Orders • Monitor HN utilization of returning students • Monitor deployed training teams

  8. (3) Program Monitoring • Monitor HN integration of equipment, services, and training into defense establishment • End-use monitoring (EUM) of US-origin defense equipment and training • Advise on disposal and/or transfer • Monitor any leased equipment

  9. (4) Evaluation of Host Nation Military Capabilities • Recommend strategies and priorities to HN • Provide info to assist U.S. policy makers • Conduct SCO planning • Determine Requirements • Short or long term • Total Package Approach

  10. Terminology Doctrine Logistics Equipment (5) Rationalization, Standardization, and Interoperability (RSI) • Communications • Training • Medical • Mapping

  11. RSI Policy • Interoperability with partner nations is in best interests of the US • Degree of international RSI is subject to financial, technical, and policy considerations • Worldwide standardization with friends and allies is a goal, but should not impede efforts at the regional level -- CJCSI 2700.01A

  12. (6) IACP Responsibilities • Coordinate US International Armaments Cooperation Program activities • In-country focal point • Liaison with HN armament director and USG agencies • Exchange information • Know HN acquisition process and defense industry • Advise DoD on cooperation potential • Assist US defense firms

  13. Legislative Restrictions on SCO Functions • No operational advice or training • In-country training & services performed by special teams, which are funded by an FMS case, IMET, or other legal vehicle.

  14. SCO Admin Functions • Budget planning and execution • Accountability for property • Maintenance of vehicles • Personnel actions • Housing and Quality of Life • Country clearances and US visitor support • Managing commo and automation equipment • APO services / AMC flights / cargo • AAFES/commissary programs

  15. Other SCO Responsibilities • Duties assigned by combatant command or ambassador • Administration of assigned/attached personnel • Country team support • Disaster relief • Search and rescue • US Navy ship visits (support DAO)

  16. coordinating authority

  17. Senior Defense Official/Defense Attaché (SDO/DATT) • Principal DoD diplomatic representative of the SECDEF and DoD Components • Serve as Defense Attaché and Chief of Security Assistance • In-country focal point for planning, coordinating, supporting, and/or executing U.S. defense issues and activities in the HN, including Theater Security Cooperation Programs under the oversight of the GCC. • Principal embassy liaison with HN defense establisments and actively participate in national security and operational policy development and coordination • Present coordinated DoD view on all defense matters to the COM • Coordinate administrative and security matters for all DoD personnel not under the command of the GCC. • Exercises “coordinating authority” over other DoD elements under the COM. DoDD 5105.75, DoD Operations at U.S. Embassies, December 2007

  18. SCO Impacts on U.S. National Security Objectives • Provide basis for U.S. access • Influence HN decision-makers • Strengthen HN self-defense • Improve interoperability with U.S. forces • Strengthen HN leadership and professional skills • Further U.S. economic interests

  19. SCO Relationships Security Cooperation Office (SDO/DATT) Combatant Command Ambassador Country Team Host Nation Industry DSCA, IAs, MILDEPS

  20. Chief Of Mission Authority • The Ambassador--- • Is the Personal Representative of POTUS • Has full responsibility for the direction, coordination, and supervision of all USG executive branch employees in country Exception: Personnel under command of an Area Military Commander • Must be kept fully informed on all USG activities and operations in country -- Foreign Service Act of 1080, Sec 207

  21. Members of the Armed Forces assigned to a foreign country under Section 515 of the FAA shall serve under the direction and supervision of the Chief of the United States Diplomatic Mission (COM) to that Country Section 515, Para (e) COM Authority over SCOs

  22. Combatant Command - Policy Responsibilities • Develop and Implement SC Plan • Comment on major equip requests from HN • Comment on SCO requests for FMF/IMET • Coordinate with SECDEF, JCS, MILDEPs, and COM See DoDD 5132.3

  23. U.S. Embassy Support of Defense Trade "The United States will take such steps as tasking our overseas mission personnel to support overseas marketing efforts of American companies bidding on defense contracts, actively involving senior government officials in promoting sales of particular importance to the United States..." SECSTATE Christopher 180317Z Feb 95 SECSTATE Message "Conventional Arms Transfer Policy" State Department Message

  24. SCO Support to Industry Defense White Papers Budget Process Organizational Charts Key Decision Makers Requirements Spending Limits

  25. SCO Support to Industry (Cont’d) Estimated Requirements Assist w/ Appointments See SAMM C.2.5.7 Sales Tactics Attend Meetings

  26. SCO Rules of Engagement With Industry • Support U.S. defense companies but: Remain Impartial • SCO can endorse one product when directed by DoD

  27. U.S. Vendor Courtesies to SCO • Engage early on major sales • Provide: • Export license information • Brief of equipment/services • Non-proprietary information previously provided (and to whom) • Sales of interest in the region • Debrief SCO after meetings with HN

  28. Commercial Attaché • Department of Commerce representative on country team • Responsible for supporting U.S. trade and exports • Market research & international trade expertise • Some embassies/consulates have U.S. & foreign commercial service (US & FCS) trade specialists • SCO and commercial officer should: • Communicate and work together • Mutually support U.S. defense trade

  29. POLITICAL Traditional Alliance Coalition Partnership GWOT Human Rights Treaty Obligations Arms Control Status of Forces (SOFA) Counter-narcotics Defense SecurityCooperation ECONOMIC Armaments Cooperation Infrastructure Development Offsets Third-country Sales MILITARY Interoperability Modernization/Sustainment Cooperative Arrangements US / Host NationStrategic Environment

  30. Security Assistance Organization (SCO) Responsibilities