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C o l o r N y m p h s PowerPoint Presentation
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C o l o r N y m p h s

C o l o r N y m p h s

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C o l o r N y m p h s

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  1. Color Nymphs By: Alexa Grabelle

  2. Color Nymphs Part 2 Now the nymph sisters weren’t invincible, immortal, or considered royal. Immortality helps you to not be captivated by a god or goddess, so these nymphs were very unlucky because in the middle of a nice fall night Hades decided to control these nymphs. As you probably already know, Hades is the god of the Underworld, and the Underworld is a colorless sorrowful place. Obviously he hated these nymphs because of the colors that they produced. Violet’s snow white shade in the sky, Lily’s tropical blue in the ocean, and Rose’s green leaves were ugly to Hades, so he made the sisters wake up thinking that they were each other. Violet added white swirls to the deep blue sea while Lily transformed the sky to a light blue rather than white. Rose was provided with red instead of green and all the foliage turned red. The next morning when the unsuspecting nymphs woke up, they screamed in horror. The land was so messed up that they all stormed off to Mount Olympus to see Zeus. All that Zeus could think of was that his gloomy brother Hades cast a trick on the girls to think that they were each other. As Zeus was very intelligent, he obviously was correct. The only problem was that this spell was a permanent spell that automatically is casted every year since then, and there was no way to get rid of the extremely weird colors until winter. The girls were excited when one month later they found a solution. They could paint over the mistakes. Water would always stay blue with the white designs because the wave patterns looked unbelievable with the cool swirls. The leaves would be painted with many green coats throughout the summer and spring, but during the fall and winter Hades would shine through and the leaves would turn a bright red. Most importantly the sky turned up all right. The white would shine through as clouds with blue in the background. Mother Nature was watching this scheme the whole time. She caused the world to have all sorts of storms because of her anger with Hades. Who could blame her? Big Mama as she was called by all of her daughter nymphs and other creatures was so incredibly proud of Violet, Rose, and Lily for putting up with this situation that she threw a celebration. Now the world was so strange, but later people began to adapt.