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What words can we build from these bases and suffixes?. suffixes. -ed. -ful. -es. -er. -s. -ing. Bases. suffixes. prefixes. un-. play. heal. heel. -es. -er. re-. fix. teach. do. -s. -ing. helpful. help + ful →helpful. pre fix es. suf fix es. -ful. -ing. un-. -s.

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  1. What words can we build from these bases and suffixes? suffixes -ed -ful -es -er -s -ing

  2. Bases suffixes prefixes un- play heal heel -es -er re- fix teach do -s -ing

  3. helpful help + ful →helpful

  4. prefixes suffixes -ful -ing un- -s -ly -ness -ed un + help + ful + ness →unhelpfulness

  5. What words can we build? prefixes suffixes -ing -ly un- -s -able -ledge -n

  6. Analyze words from the <know> family. known know + n → known knowing unknown knowingly knowledge knowledgeable unknowingly un + know + ing + ly → unknowingly

  7. Some “Big Ideas” (Essential Knowledge & Skills) • addressed in this lesson • Spelling makes sense and is primarily about meaning. • Words with connections in meaning often have connections in spelling that we can investigate. • The pronunciation of prefixes and suffixes can shift across words, but their representation in spelling is consistent to mark connections in meaning. • Words that sound the same but are not connected in meaning have different spellings where possible (homophone principle). • We don’t spell words with single letters, but with graphemes and morphemes. We announce these structural units orally and in writing in word sums. • Graphemes are one, or two- or three-letter teams that represent a single phonemes.

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