CGAPH Safety Briefing Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) August, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

cgaph safety briefing flight risk assessment tool frat august 2011 n.
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CGAPH Safety Briefing Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) August, 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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CGAPH Safety Briefing Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) August, 2011

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CGAPH Safety Briefing Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) August, 2011
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CGAPH Safety Briefing Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) August, 2011

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  1. CGAPH Safety BriefingFlight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT)August, 2011

  2. WHAT IS "FRAT"? FRAT stands for FLIGHT RISK ASSESSMENT TOOL. This tool is designed to assist with Aeronautical Decision Making and is an Operational Risk Management tool. Use of tool is mandatory for all flights in CGAPH aircraft as of September 1, 2011. Students will be responsible for completing the FRAT as part of pre-flight preparation for both solo and dual flights. See CAE ATO Safety Bulletin #11.

  3. WHY "FRAT"? Real time risk assessment, combined with real time risk mitigation has shown dramatic increases in the safety of flight. The FRAT is designed to provide a consistent method for identifying and assessing risk. Risk mitigation and/or go/no-go decisions can then be taken based on the original assessment. By providing a standardized risk assessment tool, variations in risk assessment can be reduced and risk mitigation can be more consistent across the company.

  4. FRAT TOOL PROCEDURE • 1. As part of pre-flight preparation, after receiving the weather briefing and completing pre-flight preparation, either print out the FRAT tool or fill in online and print out completed form. NOTE: Form may not be saved. • 2. How to complete FRAT Tool- A. Fill out applicable header information B. Review Qualifications and Experience- list all applicable risk factors C. Review Operating Environment- list all applicable risk factors D. Review Equipment- are any of these two risk factors applicable? • 3. Assign a score for each risk factor that is applicable to the flight NOTE: risk factors are ABSOLUTE. If risk factor is present, full score must be assigned. If risk factor is not present, NO SCORE is given. • 4. Compute total score- A. Scores of 16 or below (GREEN) do not require mitigation B. Scores of 17-22 (YELLOW) require mitigation by Chief Instructor, Assistant Chief Instructor or Duty Instructor C. Scores of 23 or greater (RED) require either mitigation or cancellation. If mitigation can not reduce score below 23, cancellation is mandatory.

  5. FRAT TOOL PROCEDURE (continued) • 5. FRAT Review- A. Solo flights- student presents FRAT tool to Duty Instructor for review B. Dual flights- student presents FRAT Tool to assigned instructor for review • 6. Mitigation- A. Solo Flights- if "mitigation" is required, student must obtain a decision from a Chief Instructor, Assistant Chief Instructor, Duty Instructor or Safety Manager. B. Dual Flights- if "mitigation" is required, assigned instructor may take mitigating action. • 7. Completed FRAT Tool is given to dispatch (DUAL OR SOLO!)- NOTE: After 1 September, Dispatch will not give out key pouches unless a FRAT Toolhas been submitted!

  6. FRAT Tool Procedure- Example Student is scheduled for a Solo Flight - Student experience: less than 100 hours in make and model Student experience: less than 100 hours last 90 daysLesson: Solo X-country (student flight plan to Coolidge and return)Launch Time: 1300LTemperature: 40 deg CDensity Altitude: 4634Last Meal: more than 4 hours ago

  7. XXXXL NXXXX KFFZ xx/xx/xxxx CODE KXXX CODE 3 5 3 3 5 3 22



  10. FRAT Tool Procedure- Example Mitigating Actions- Student is re-scheduled for later flight; given time to eat Student instructed to re-plan flight to Marana NW Reg'lRisk factors are rescored by mitigating authority and documented on reverse side.

  11. 3 5 3 3 (0) 5 3 (0) 22 (16)

  12. Student was rescheduled for later flight- given time to eat.Student instructed to re-plan flight to KAVQ. Student name Instructor name Student signature Instructor signature

  13. FRAT Tool - Additional Guidance Operating Environment Item #2 For purposes of student solo flight operations, an airport is not considered "uncontrolled" IF an instructor is physically supervising the flight operation, the instructor has communications capability with Emergency Services (911) AND the instructor is knowledge of the CGAPH Mishap Response Plan. 10/6/2014 13

  14. FRAT Tool - Additional Guidance (cont'd) Qualifications and Experience #6 "Rest less than 10 hours prior to the duty day" refers to SCHEDULED crew rest or rest period. This line items is not scored unless the person filling out the FRAT was NOT scheduled for at least 10 hours of crew rest prior to the duty day. 10/6/2014 14

  15. FRAT Tool Online LOCATION- the FRAT tool can be found on the sabena-az website in the Training Page under training documents- URL: 10/6/2014 15