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  2. EARTH’S STRUCTURE • THE CRUST. The crust is most outer part of the Earth. • THE MANTLE . The mantle is the midle layer of the Earth • THE LOWER MANTLE. Below the mantle is the mid mantle next to the core.

  3. THE INNER MOST PART OF THE Earth • THE CORE. The core is 4000 miles beneeth our feet. The inner core is mostly made of nickel and iron. As for the outer core is mostly liquid.Both outer and inner are not as important as the crust.

  4. weathering • Chemical weathering. This kind of weathering is caused when the rain mixes with acid and goes into cracks of the rocks and slowly eat’s it away. PHYSICAL weathering. Is so to say caused by mother nature. The wind carrying little sand particles bang in to the rocks and slowly breaks them down. An other way of weathering is when water keeps on hiting the rock.

  5. earthquakes • Earthquakes or caused when two plates colide and they do’nt move they stubbornly do not move they build up pressure until they let go and a large amount of vibrations are let loose. A small earthquake is called a Tremor. Certin giant waves could appear these are called tsunamis.

  6. Volcanoes • Volcanoes begin as hudge melted rocks. • Magma is lava before it has reached the surface . Little particals or large rocks could come from the volcanoes in euruption . Not only that but gases and ash could come out causing many people to die fast.

  7. Forming of a tunnel First thing first. A tunnel is formed when rain water penetrates cracks in lime stone. Acidic water dissolves limestone enlarging crack. Water recedes leaving cave. There are many tipes of caves such as lava or sea caves.

  8. Fiery Rocks ROCK is the hard material that composes of earth’s crust . There are many types of rocks igneous,sedimentary,metamorphic rocks.Igneous rocks re the fiery ones such as Obsidian,Pumice ,Basalt, Granite, Mica, Feldspar, Quartz,

  9. Sedimentary Rocks • OVER 75% of hte earth’s crust is coverd with sedimentary rocks. Some of these are SandStone , Shale , Conglomerate,BrecciaGypsum ,Halite,Chalk and Coal.

  10. Metamorphic Rocks • Metamorphism is the change of a rock into a new tipe of rock. Foliated rocks are made

  11. GEMS AND METALS • With in the dull colored rocks that cover the earth with the deposts of igneous and metemorphic crystat are called gems stones. when cut and polished crystals gain a brilliance that last for centuries. Because of there beauty they are shown as a sign of wealth. there are many types of gems such as rubys, sapphires and emeralds.

  12. Hidden metals • One of the earths’ greatest metals are gold, silver, copper,iron and aluminum. There is a iron mine in minnesota. An other precious is stainless steel (my watch is made out of that.

  13. COAL • THERE ARE TREE types of coal. The best is anthracite.