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Layers of the earth PowerPoint Presentation
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Layers of the earth

Layers of the earth

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Layers of the earth

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  1. Layers of the earth By: Seth

  2. Both crusts • – The continental crust is the layer we live on and it is made up of all different kinds of rocks (sedimentary rock, igneous rock, metamorphic rock, etc.). The oceanic crust is made of water (rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.). Even though the continental and oceanic crusts are thick, together they make up the lithosphere. The continental crust is the thickest of them all of the other layers. It is up to 100 km thick. The crusts are mainly made of the elements oxygen, silicon, and aluminum.

  3. Lithosphere and Asthenosphere • the lithosphere is made the continental crust and the oceanic crust. The lithosphere is made of two parts – the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle. The asthenosphere is made of solid rock that flows very slowly. The lithosphere is divided into pieces called tectonic plates.

  4. Mantle • the mantle is made up of mostly lava and rocks. In some places the mantle rocks get pushed to the surface. The rocks that are pushed are the ways scientist learn more about the mantle. Another way scientist learn more about the mantle is because of underwater volcanoes. Noone ever got to go to the mantle because the crust is too thick

  5. Outer core • Earth has two cores which are the inner core and the outer core. The outer is made up of liquid, iron and nickel so that means it’s the liquid core. The outer core has more amounts of iron than nickel. The outer core is below the mantle and it surrounds the inner core which puts more pressure on the inner core. It is also the second deepest layer.

  6. Inner core • The inner core is solid iron and nickel. It’s just like the outer core but it doesn’t have liquid. The inner core is the center of our earth and the deepest layer. Since it’s so hot down there it’s impossible to get to the core. The inner core is about 6,380 km beneath the surface. That’s really far.

  7. Quiz • What is the center of the earth called? • What layer has the most mass? • What are the layers of the earth in order? • True or false does the lithosphere sit on top of the asthenosphere? • What is the thickest layer? • True or false do rocks from the mantle get pushed to the surface? • Can you make it to the center of the earth? • What are the two parts of the lithosphere called? • Name one thing that helped scientist learn more about the mantle? • What are the crust’s main elements?

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