food chains n.
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Food Chains PowerPoint Presentation
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Food Chains

Food Chains

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Food Chains

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  1. Food Chains

  2. A food chain tells us what is eaten by what in an ecosystem.

  3. What is an ecosystem? • An ecosystem is all the animals and the plants in a habitat, together with their environment. • An ecosystem provides everything that the animals and plants that live there need. • A rock pool is an ecosystem, and so is a forest or a lake.

  4. What is happening in this food chain? • The insect is eaten by the frog.

  5. What is eaten by the insect?

  6. Many insects feed on nectar which they gather from flowers.

  7. What might the frog be eaten by?

  8. What does this food chain show? • The plant is eaten bythe slug. • The slugis eaten bythe frog. • The frogis eaten bythe heron.

  9. The arrow means “is eaten by”. • The insect is eaten by the frog.

  10. Can you show a different food chain?

  11. This is a beach food chainCan you describe what is happening?

  12. Who can show another food chain?

  13. What did each food chain begin with?

  14. Yes! • Almost every food chain starts with a green plant.

  15. Plants are called • PRODUCERS • They produce (make) their own food and provide food for animals

  16. Animals are called • CONSUMERS • They consume (eat) other animals or plants

  17. Animals that hunt and eat other animals are called • PREDATORS

  18. Animals that are hunted and eaten by other animals are called their • PREY

  19. Can you name some predators?

  20. Can you name some animals that are prey?

  21. Some animals can be predators and prey. Can you name any?(Clue: The first slide showed one.)

  22. Energy flow • Each animal in the food chain eats another animal or a plant in order to gain energy. • The energy flow in the ecosystem keeps all of the animals alive.

  23. What people do • Sometimes, humans cause problems for the plants and animals in an ecosystem. • Oil spills pollute the sea and beaches. • Forests are cut down to make way for roads, and so that land is available for cattle to graze.

  24. What happens to the other animals and plants in a food chain if one or more members of the chain are removed?

  25. Match the words and phrases. A food chain shows producers Most food chains start with what is eaten by what Plants are predators Animals are prey Animals that hunt and eat others are called consumers Animals that are caught and eaten are called a green plant

  26. Excellent!