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Why Led House Lights Have Become So Popular? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Led House Lights Have Become So Popular?

Why Led House Lights Have Become So Popular?

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Why Led House Lights Have Become So Popular?

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  1. HAVELLS Home & Kitchen Appliances Online Why Led House Lights Have Become So Popular? LED lights have become the latest trend for so many reasons. They offer unmatched energy efficiency and can last several times more than their fluorescent counterparts. You can use them even in cold temperature conditions without any worries. The best led lights are also durable and offer excellent breakage resistance. They are also not affected by vibrations and sudden impacts. There are different types of LED lamps for your home and this guide checks on the options available for use in different rooms and areas in a residential setting. Regular LED Lamps Regular led bulb light is available in power configurations ranging from as low as 0.5W to 15W. In fact, there are high-wattage lights up to 50W too which are made for brighter illumination. Even a regular 10W LED lamp can offer cool daylight illumination with high brightness. There are many advantages of replacing your old incandescent or fluorescent lamps with these new lights. To start with, LED lights can last for decades – some can last for more than 25 years. And it is not just the residential setting where you can use them. They can be installed anywhere including: Homes Offices Restaurants Shopping malls And other commercial settings too. Imagine the amount of electricity you could save by replacing the old lights with LED lamps. Lights come with years of warranty due to their reliability. Email:

  2. HAVELLS Home & Kitchen Appliances Online Colored LED Lights The latest led house lights are not just restricted to emit white daylight. You can also replace your old ‘zero’ bulbs with the new 0.5W colored LED lamps that offer unmatched reliability, longevity, and energy efficiency. Choose from a wide range of colored bulbs that can be easily fitted into the old holder for your incandescent bulb and bring down your electricity consumption to negligible amount even when used continuously. High-Wattage LED Lamps LED lamps are also available in high-wattage configurations, which can especially be used in larger areas like hallways or for outdoor illumination. You can choose lamps with power ranging from 30W to 50W that can save more than 85% electricity compared to using traditional incandescent lamps. The high-lumen output provides the brightest-possible illumination. The light can be used for extended hours without worrying about increased energy consumption. These lamps also have instant illumination that achieves 100% lumens within a couple of seconds. The high color rendering index of over 80 further provides almost true color shades for your surroundings. Email:

  3. HAVELLS Home & Kitchen Appliances Online The latest LED batens make perfect led ceiling lights that can replace your conventional tube lights. These lights are available in power configurations ranging from 5W to 20W. Then there are LED spotlights that make these lights quite versatile for different types of applications. These spotlights are available in power configurations ranging from 2W to 18W and achieve natural daylight illumination. They are elegant and are perfect for low-ceiling purposes. The ideal designs offer 36-degree spread and glare-free light. Thus, LED lights offer so many options to choose from. They are also environment friendly and don't contain any harmful materials that were used in earlier lights. If you have incandescent or fluorescent lights in your home or office or if you are building a new home, make sure to choose from the different types of LED lights. Email: