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Yangtze River Basin Integrated Management System Thinking PowerPoint Presentation
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Yangtze River Basin Integrated Management System Thinking

Yangtze River Basin Integrated Management System Thinking

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Yangtze River Basin Integrated Management System Thinking

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  1. China and the Netherlands "healthy Yangtze" Water Protection Forum (2007.6.11) Yangtze River Basin Integrated Management System Thinking Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee Liu Zhensheng CWRC

  2. Background • Water has the distinctive characteristics of the valley to valley as a unit of water resources management is the current international common practice. • To achieve by watershed management, all using a variety of watershed management system, the establishment of the different watershed management organizations. China's water resources in the basin management has been active in the exploration and practice, and has achieved good results. • Watershed management agencies have under gone several adjustments and changes with functions continuously consolidated. • China's high-speed economic and social development, faces the current water management with a tremendous challenge. • To achieve the sustainable use of water resources to support sustainable economic and social development, need for integrated water resources and watershed management; To achieve integrated watershed management, must establish a scientific watershed management system. CWRC

  3. Subject • Integrated management of the Yangtze River valley • Basin management objectives and tasks of the existing water resources in the Yangtze River Basin Management System • Yangtze River Basin Integrated Management Concepts CWRC

  4. 1, integrated watershed management • From the valley of natural, economic and social relations between the intrinsic, analysis and understanding within the watershed between the constituent elements of the link, Integrated basin water management objectives. • Basin within different administrative regions and cutting accros the different sectors, water resources departments in the development, utilization, protection, obeying integrated watershed management objectives. • To achieve integrated watershed management should aim to create a scientific and democratic consultation, effective water management system. • Parties in the establishment of basin stakeholders exchange, consultation and coordination platform for decision-making mechanism. • And the establishment of integrated watershed management system and mechanisms that suit the integrated watershed management organizations. • With the corresponding information technology and legal support, funding. CWRC

  5. 2, the Yangtze River basin management objectives and tasks as well as the wider economic and social sustainable development. 1. Management Objectives The aim for Yangtze River Basin Integrated Management is the river basin as the basic unit for water resource management at the core. The protection of the ecological environment led to the scientific development concept to guide the work of watershed management, administrative, legal, economics and Technology in a comprehensive way, and coordinated so that the socio-economic development of watershed and water resources, water environment carrying capacity are compatible; comprehensive development, utilization and protection of water, land, biological resources, the comprehensive construction of water conservation, pollution prevention and environmental-friendly society, ensure the safety of flood control basins, water safety and the safety of the environment; to maintain the health of the Yangtze River, the water for human harmony, Basin achieve economic and social and ecological environment comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

  6. 2、Management tasks (1) improve the basin flood and drought mitigation system, the engineering and non-engineering measures to protect flood control and drinking water safety. (2) Develop (Amendment) watershed planning and implementation, including integrated planning and professional planning, and water resources development, use remains within reasonable limits. (3) scientific and rational allocation of water resources, especially the development and utilization of water resources to do a good job of ecological project scheduling. (4) improve the protection of water resources and watershed management system, and strengthen the basin water resources and ecological environment protection and management. CWRC

  7. (5) the establishment of a complete integrated watershed management monitoring system and information sharing mechanism. (6) Establishment of the initial right to water, sewage paid to the transfer and ecological compensation mechanism. (7) Establish basin major disasters and emergencies forecasting and early warning mechanism to handle an emergency. (8) The establishment of extensive public participation in the consultation, coordination and integrated management organizations. (9) the establishment of a comprehensive integrated watershed management laws and legal system. (10) Strengthening Basin water resources management and protection of basic scientific research. CRWC

  8. 3, the existing water resources in the Yangtze River Basin Management System 1. Evaluation of the existing management system 2002 Amendment to the "water Law", water rights, Basin water resources management and administration of combining regional management system, This is draws on decades of practice and experience in the management of water resources, but also the international advanced management experiences draw is a scientific system. Watershed management and administrative areas of water resources management is to adapt to the characteristics of two management methods, and both are equally important and must not replace each other. CWRC

  9. 2. Problems 流域内众多地区涉水部门、行业和用水户,虽因水而相关 Water management fragmented, multi-water management, with no mutual communication, the basis of dialogue and platform no link to a link to coordinate, splashing through the decision-making watershed affairs of the parties to a conflict of interest, Therefore it will be impossible to achieve the entire valley to maximize the benefits. Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee is not a member of the Committee, Watershed management in more decision-making to the government is playing a "staff functions," and the commitment of the administrative licensing of water, equivalent to a water administration departments of the role. "Watershed Management" merely Basin water "industries (sector)" management is not on the integrated management of water resources. Whether as watershed management agencies of the Yangtze River Water Resources Committee, or the basin water levels within the executive bodies, only from the department, The duties of the region are starting in water management. CWRC

  10. 4, the Yangtze River Basin Integrated Management System concept 1. Experts suggest • Quasi-market and political democracy to replace water management consultations acts of the government and mandatory plans (Hu Angang). • Watershed management should be the unified management of water resources, under the premise of the establishment of the government's macro-regulation and control, watershed democratic consultation, Quasi-market operations and water users in the management of the operation mode (Wang Sucheng – Minister MWR). • Establish as soon as possible the integration of the Yangtze River water resources management system, accelerating the Yangtze River Basin water resources management system. Realizing the Yangtze River basin water management integration. Consideration may be given to the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee to the Yangtze River Basin Commission on Sustainable Development (or Yangtze River Management Committee), Central lead, which is participation of the provinces and municipalities, in charge of the Yangtze River Basin water resources planning, flood and drought, water distribution, Comprehensive development and utilization of water security, pollution control and so on all issues, so as to reverse the current fragmentation, fragmented and overlapping management and lack of co-ordination between the situation (in 2003, the democratic parties). CWRC

  11. Experts suggest • Submitted to the State Council's "Water Act (the draft for review)," "Article 10" that countries in key rivers lakes could be established by the State Council departments, The provincial people's governments and watershed management agencies responsible member Basin Management Committee, is responsible for coordinating the development of watershed management solution of the major problems of supervision, inspection Basin water resources. and the exercise of the State Council granted the other functions, its offices located in catchment management agencies (in November 2001. MEW). • To gradually establish a unified and coordinated the integrated watershed management system. Watershed management system overall direction is the establishment of various stakeholders participatory democracy, coordination, authority, Efficient watershed management committee system. Taking into account the Yangtze River basin in the country's important status, the State Council proposed the establishment of the Yangtze River Basin Management Committee, by the State Council as director of the competent leadership to unify and coordinate the inter-departmental and inter-basin Administrative Region of the major issues, under watershed management, for specific watershed management services (April 2007 the second session of the Yangtze River Forum summit meeting Sun Honglie Sciences).

  12. 2. Exploration and thinking 1 To achieve integrated watershed management, we must build integrated watershed management system, must be integrated watershed management and line organizations. The establishment of a comprehensive watershed management committee envisaged by the widespread concern in society, and the practice of a series of useful exploration. • Upper reaches of the Yangtze River Soil and Water Conservation Committee • Yangtze River Flood Control Headquarters CWRC

  13. Exploration and thinking 2 • In the Yangtze River basin, localities and governments at all levels have set up water distribution, water vigorously promote integration, is a positive act. • The national organizations sequence: watershed management agencies can not become an independent administrative level, though the establishment of a genuine sense of Basin Commission is totally feasible. • Watershed Committee of the composition and functions of the special needs of the legal mandate, it is precisely because of the special nature of the characteristics of water. • Other industries question why they should not have similar integrated functions but Water Resources is different to other industries. CWRC

  14. Exploration and thinking 3 • In Europe and the Americas, Watershed Management Committee to effective decision-making and implementation of watershed management matters, in addition to state laws mandate, There is an important point for the watershed management, protection and management of the funds generated in the basic basin. • China has long been a major rivers of funds for the development of governance mainly from the central government, in which the investment system, impossible to establish autonomous decision-making and coordinating the watershed task management system. • With the Yangtze River basin management, protection and development of management tasks and promote the continuous development of watershed change in the investment structure, Valley makes it possible to make decisions on their own.

  15. The central policy adjustments, the Yangtze River basin management, protection and management of funds to be raised through the following measures : • Will be included in the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project Corporation watershed management agencies, its operating income for the valley. • water resources fees. • Bonds issued for financing • stakeholders (business and personal) financial support. • insurance companies to cooperate with flood disaster insurance.

  16. Exploration and thinking 4 • Agency : • in the Yangtze River basin, its form of organization leadership of the State Council in charge of central command, cutting across the relevant state ministries, existing basin and watershed management agencies within the government in the provinces. It also considered by community organizations or large water users and other stakeholders in the form of integrated watershed management committee existing watershed management agencies -- the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee for the restructuring of the daily offices. • Functions : • decision : involving watershed management, development, protection, and other major issues and the strategic decision-making; • Inspection and Supervision : right splashing through the various activities to fulfil the duties of supervision and inspection; • coordination : coordination of trade, the relationship between the regions and achieve a balance of interests and the maximization of overall efficiency; • consultations : the establishment of a mechanism for consultations, Basin water resources management to enhance the democratic and broad participation

  17. V. Conclusion Yangtze is the third in the world, China's first large rivers, the Yangtze River to construct a democratic, harmonious and authority, effective watershed management, by the grant of broader rights to more effective implementation and completion of the integrated watershed development and management tasks, and ensure that the rapid economic and social development, within the watershed resources and effective protection of the environment; better realized maintain the health of the Yangtze River, the water for human harmony, Yangtze River water to make sustainable use of generations, thereby supporting the Yangtze River valley and even the vast area of sustainable economic and social development. CWRC

  18. Thank You Everybody ! CWRC