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  1. X-Drive - Storage Access Solution - Oct. 2010.

  2. Agenda Market Analysis X-Drive Concepts Competition Future X-Drive Business Models Use case Security of service APPENDIX

  3. Web Storage Service Market - Domestic 1. Market Analysis • Korean web storage service is called “Web Hard” • Most well-known service is LG Dacom Web Hard. And content download services are very popular in Korean consumers. • Technically, these services are simple web based upload and download functionalities. • According to Broadband Internet Penetration Rate, this service penetration rate will grow fast. • Korean Web Storage service will have 3 types • Irregal/regal content sharing site (being regal)- Approximately monthly 500 million dallars (Feb. 2009) • Web Hard Market 200~300 million dollarsLG Dacom Web Hard:50 million dollars. • Web Storage Service Solution Market– Next slide

  4. Web Storage Service Market - Domestic 1. Market Analysis ■ Web Hard Solution Market(estimation, million Dollars)

  5. Web Storage Service Market - Global 1. Market Analysis • Global Storage Marketis$ 30 Billion in 2008. • $ 10B – hardware support services. • CAGR 7%, Until yr. 2012$ 39 Billion. (Reference: Gartner 2009-08-24) • HPtook over EDS in2008 and Oracle took over Sun – Sun took over StorageTek in 2006 • Cloud Computing and SaaS(Software as a Service)are new trends in market • Web Storage Service • Outstanding companies for web storage service are amazon s3,Google, Rackspace • Market is USD 300 Millionin 2009 • Online Backup Service • Mozy is one of representative service, 2G is free, cost is $0.5 per 1Giga, basic operation fee is $3.95 • Symantec Corp. is the competitor ofMozy–reference Reuter • Symantec bought SwapDriveInc. in 2008($ 124 million)Current name of service:Norton™ Online Backup (25GB: $ 49.99) • Online Data Sharing Service • Services like MediaFire are growing in market.

  6. 2. X-Drive Concepts What is X-Drive Connected One Working Storage If there is a network storage whenever and wherever you can access? If you wrote some documents in your office and you want to see thosedocument in your home, you should have sent those document throughe-mail or something else. But as you know many mistakes ariseanywhere. Sometimes you can’t access your important files untilnext morning. Some people use Windows Live™ Sky Drive or But web services require log in and navigation. So many good services like Google support a function like remembering user’s ID. And many open services are so slow and supply small storage space. If there is a service support that you can access external storages like local hard disk, this service will be very strong and become popular. Off-line access mode will be very useful for disconnected environment.

  7. 2. X-Drive Concepts What is X-Drive Persistent Data Storage & Backup Costs You can’t see 128 Mega SD memory card nowaday, You can buy 100G bytes storage cheaply. Mr. Kim lost his 128 M SD memory card and it’s valuable pictures. The technologies related with storage have been developed, but the skills for archiving data haven’t. Still manual method is used. Like right bottom picture, CUP power grows by 2 times every 18 months, but network performance grows by 2 times every 9 months. The cost for using network has been down and the cost for buying storage has been down. With time, the cost of using external storage will converge into the cost of buying external storage. You know you can’t exchange 16 1G SD with one 16G SD. But your can expand your server storage from 1G to 16G. And your data will be persistent.

  8. 2. X-Drive Concepts What is X-Drive You can‘t realize it is not your local HDD. It’s better than HDD. Don’t wait for full downloading progress You can watch movie or football video like local HDD You can access any point in timeline in multimedia content You can see the preview of video clips in explorer OS thinks actual local HDD Version Management, Encoding support for security, DRM will be available High speed download and Offline Mode supported Support 64bitWindows OS and Windows7

  9. 2. X-Drive Concepts What is X-Drive User can access some remote files by using local Application Application doesn’t consider network access protocols. FTP Email Windows Explorer (X-Drive) Blog Web Storage Service Various Local Application Winner! UCC Web Browser News Email Client Shopping Mall DRM Database Specific Application Backup Service Mobile Integration Games FTP Program Looser!

  10. 2. X-Drive Concepts Extension for X-Drive X-Drive will support various protocols. Currently it supports HTTP Web Server Email Server HTTP POP3 X-Drive MS SQL, MYSQL, 기타 FTP FTPServer DBServer RTP 등 Torrent Protocol Media Server Torrent Servers

  11. 3. Competition Comparison against other services X-Drive support the following functionalities.

  12. 3. Competition Comparison according to development Methodology X-Drive support the following functionalities.

  13. 3. Competition - Future X-Drive R&D Plan X-Drive support the following functionalities.

  14. 4. Business Models Internet Service including Smartphone The one of best seamless services would be Humyo provides file sharing and group working. Humyo provides 10G bytes space to users for free and network drive solution for subscribers.

  15. 4. Business Models Hybrid Cloud File Sharing X-Drive manages the blocks of a file and access each block through HTTP or other network protocols. So X-Drive can merge these blocks into one file any time any where. • Source file exists in a file server • Source file can be distributed into super nodes - worldwide • Super node begins to distributed nearby devices (e.g. PC, Laptop, Server, STB) • Specific device can access the one of available devices containing data block it wanted and the device will send the data block to it.

  16. 5. Use case for Music Video Service ② Navigate the X-Drive ① Log in and Map a new drive ③ Watch some preview videos and purchase one ④ Watch a full music video purchased

  17. 6. Security of Service • Copy Protection • Detect file copy process in driver level and block it • Hacking through special copy program will take a small size low resolution file • Modification Protection • Authorization for files will be adopted • Authentication • Check the specific program to use a file • Authenticate a program by using Hash(MD5, SHA1) • Hide some files • Enable to hide some important files according to policy • Different with general hiding function in windows system • The program authorized can access the hidden files • Security for network • Encode the full or some parts of streaming data by using SSL or similar technologies • Send parallel streaming data • Send voice data and video data by random order • Hacker can’t rebuild these random data blocks • More advantage for bigger file

  18. APPENDIX • Nowcom has developed “2ndDrive”. 2ndrive support 1 Terra bytes storage space to subscriber for free but after one month data will be deleted. • For Vista, Windows7, 64bit OS, 2ndrive provide it’s own application for download and upload functionalities. • X-Drive’s dominant points • Supports Vista, Windows7 • Supports 64 bit Windows OS • Local HDD type • High Stability • High Network Performance Case Studies – 2nd Drive

  19. APPENDIX • Support general open servers i.e. FTP, WebDav. • Support multiple drives • License based on number of User Clients ( • Security issues in FTP and Webdav.Ports opened will be blocked in IDC. • Slow network speed: FTP • X-Drive’s dominant points • Support Vista and Windows 7 • Support 64 bit Windows OS Case Studies – NetDrive™

  20. APPENDIX • is the one of representative backup service • Functionalities • 2G Free • Pricing • Desktop Licenses: $3.95 + $0.50/GB per month • Server Licenses: $6.95 + $0.50/GB per month • X-Drive has plan to containpowerful backup servicewhich is the most powerful and seamless Case Studies – Mozy

  21. APPENDIX • is the one of representative file sharing services. • No restriction for upload space but a file should be under 200M bytes. • Specifications: • Upload Free & unlimited • Restriction for file size:under 200Mega bytes.MediaPro:under2G bytes • Prices ($7, $15, $50/Month)100G/250G/1Terra • X-Drive has file sharing function already under strong access control Case Studies – MediaFire

  22. APPENDIX • Number one web storage service in Korea. • Many products list for many types of customers • X-Drive Dominant points • Dacom has worst network drive solution • High price Case Studies – Dacom Web Hard