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Multi-Page Reports

Multi-Page Reports. Print Communications 25S. Multi-page reports are reports with more than one page , not including a cover page. Multi-Page Reports. Multi-page reports are similar to single-page reports: Title heading Spacing Fonts. Similar to Single-Page Reports.

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Multi-Page Reports

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  1. Multi-Page Reports Print Communications 25S

  2. Multi-page reports are reports with more than one page, not including a cover page. Multi-Page Reports

  3. Multi-page reports are similar to single-page reports: • Title heading • Spacing • Fonts Similar to Single-Page Reports

  4. Multi-page reports have extra requirements: • More types of headings • Page Breaks • Page Numbers • Later on, we will get into footnotes, endnotes, cover pages, and bibliographies. Today’s Topics

  5. Headings

  6. Headings are used in reports to separate sections • There are different “levels” of headings • Depends on how important the section is: • Main headings • Subheadings • Side headings • Paragraph headings • Headings are alwayssans serif like Calibri Headings

  7. Title Headings & Subheadings

  8. Thetitle heading isthe title of your report. Single-page rules apply: • ALL UPPERCASE and bold • Centered • Followed by a triple space (24pt paragraph spacing after) • Can be a slightly larger font than the body Title Headings

  9. Subheadings introduce major sections of a report • ALL UPPERCASE • Centered • Triple paragraph spacing before and after (24pt) Subheadings

  10. Side & Paragraph Headings

  11. Side headings introduce a section within a section. FOOD (title) FRUITS AND VEGETABLES (sub.) FRUIT (side heading) Side Headings

  12. Side headings are UPPERCASE • Left aligned • ¶ • ¶ • Triple space before (24pt) and double space after (12pt) • ¶ Side Headings

  13. Paragraph headings introduce the subject of a paragraph • Bananas –Bananas are yellow. • Apples – Apples are often red. • First letter is capitalized and followed by a period or dash • Heading is part of the paragraph, not on it’s own line Paragraph Headings

  14. Page Breaks

  15. Word inserts a page break automatically when you reach the end of a document – that just means it starts a new page for you. • However! It doesn’t always insert it in the right place. Sometimes it breaks in the middle of an idea! • Breaking in the middle of an idea can lose the reader’s attention – the reader can forget what they were reading about as they turn the page. Page Breaks

  16. A paragraph must have at least 4 lines before it breaks onto a new page • If there are 3 lines or less in the paragraph, it has to be moved to the next page • This is when we insert a page break • Exceptions: • Do not break bulleted or numbered lists • Do not break headings from paragraphs Page Breaks

  17. Insert menu > Page Break • Shortcut: CTRL + Enter • With Show/Hide ¶ turned on, a page break looks like this: ………………Page Break………………. Inserting a Page Break

  18. To remove a page break, press Delete or Backspace Removing a Page Break

  19. Page Numbers

  20. Documents longer than one page require page numbers: Page Numbers

  21. Download the questions from the website  Assignment

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