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Security. Providence Health System - Oregon Environment of Care. Purpose. Our Security Management Plan supports our Core Values of Respect and Justice. The purpose is to reduce the risk of personal injury and property loss. You need to: Follow Security and Parking Policies

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  1. Security Providence Health System - Oregon Environment of Care

  2. Purpose Our Security Management Plan supports our Core Values of Respect and Justice. The purpose is to reduce the risk of personal injury and property loss. You need to: • Follow Security and Parking Policies • Promote a secure environment • Report security risks quickly • Follow instructions from security officers

  3. Course Outline This course will review the primary functions of Security and your role in promoting a secure environment: • Responding to Emergency Situations • Identification (ID) Badges • Controlling Access and Egress (Exit) • Lost and Found • Parking Policies

  4. Learning Objectives You will be able to: • Identify 57777 as Security’s emergency telephone number. • Support the importance of employee identification in securing your work site by always wearing your Employee ID while at work. • Identify 3 ways of controlling access to sensitive areas. • List at least 3 ways to promote your own safety. • Identify at least 3 causes of parking citations.

  5. Responding to Emergency Situations The Security Department responds to all emergency codes*. They have primary responsibility for: • Code Pink - Infant abduction • Code Adam - Missing or Lost Child • Code Green - Special Support Team • Code 55 - Avoid Area If you suspect an infant or child abduction, contact Security immediately at 5-7777. *More information about codes is in the Emergency Preparedness course.

  6. Security DispatchEmergency (503)215-7777 Report security risks to your supervisor and call the 57777 emergency line. Provide your name and location. Examples of what to report: • Suspicious activity • Violence • People that don’t belong in your work area

  7. Non-Emergency Number Call Security’s non-emergency telephone number for all other assistance. (503) 215-6548 Examples: • Escort to vehicle • Lost and Found • Lost keys

  8. Employee ID Badge Always wear your ID Badge during work. • Report any lost or stolen badges immediately • During an emergency, you will need your ID Badge to get on campus • If you forget your badge, you must get a temporary one from Security as soon as possible The replacement cost for a lost ID Badge is $5.

  9. ID Badges There are different types of ID Badges: • Employees • Volunteers • Contractors • Grey ID if long term • Blue ID if temporary They must all wear their ID Badges while on site.

  10. Temporary ID Badges Even temporary employees must wear a special sticker as identification. Any person without identification is considered a visitor.

  11. Controlling Access and Egress (Exit) Neverallow anyone who does not belong in the area to: • Follow you into a restricted area • Enter as you leave • Share your card, scramble pad code or keys Contact Security if assistance is needed. Specially secured work areas can only be accessed using: • Card Swipes • Scramble Pads • Keys

  12. Specially Secured AreasCard Swipes Some areas, such as ICU or Maternity require additional security. These employees swipe their badges to get into their work areas.

  13. Specially Secured Areas Scramble pads Other areas such as ED require knowing and entering a code into a scramble pad: • Do not share the code • Make sure you are not being observed when entering the code

  14. Personal Safety Use good judgment when traveling to and from work: • At night always be aware of your surroundings and travel with a friend in isolated areas. • If traveling to work by MAX, wait for the Providence Portland or St. Vincent shuttle by the stop. Security Officers are available to: • Escort staff to their vehicles • Respond to work place violence situations • Check on staff working alone in isolated areas during non-routine hours

  15. Personal Property Protect your personal property • Always secure your valuables • Do NOT give out passwords • Lock doors as instructed • Keep your vehicle locked • Keep valuables out of sight in cars • Do not loan out keys or access cards

  16. Lost and Found Security handles and logs any found item. • Any non-valuable will be held for 30 days. Examples: clothes, cups, baby bottles • Any valuable item will be held for a maximum of 3 months Examples: wallets, jewelry • Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the owners

  17. Vehicle Security Lower your risk of theft: • Keep your doors locked • Keep valuables out of sight Lower your risk of injury: • Ask for escorts if alone at night or concerned

  18. Role of Security in Parking Security monitors traffic congestion and assures respectful use of available parking. Call Security for: • Parking permits: Temporary handicap or carpool • Removal of a car boot (locks wheel) • Finding a lost car

  19. Top Causes of Tickets & Car Boots Be careful where you park. Some areas are restricted: • Handicap parking • Reserved parking • Fire zone • Hospital Vehicle • Patient / Visitor • Car Pool • Neighborhood Make sure you vehicle is registered.

  20. Parking Citations The disciplinary actions for parking citations add up: #1 Counseling session #2 Verbal warning #3 Car boot: $25 fine #4 All additional boots – the fine will double each time After 24 months, the citation will be removed from the employee’s record.

  21. For More Information For more information: • Talk with your Supervisor / Manager • Call Security at 503-215-6548 • Refer to your Emergency Manual (Flip Chart) • Talk with your Department Safety Coordinator • Access Security & Parking Services Intranet page: http://phsnet.phsor.org/security/default.htm

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