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Most Useless Powers….ever!

Most Useless Powers….ever!. 15. Color Kid. Change any color into any other color. 14. TNT & Dan the Dyn -a-mite. Touch together rings which explode and make their costumes appear. 13. The Thunderer. Yells to scare bad guys. 12. Captain Tootsie. Extra energy from eating Tootsie Rolls.

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Most Useless Powers….ever!

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  1. Most Useless Powers….ever!

  2. 15. Color Kid Change any color into any other color

  3. 14. TNT & Dan the Dyn-a-mite Touch together rings which explode and make their costumes appear

  4. 13. The Thunderer Yells to scare bad guys

  5. 12. Captain Tootsie Extra energy from eating Tootsie Rolls

  6. 11. Captain Fearless Blows a magic horn to summon a ghost for advice

  7. 10. Captain Zero Turns invisible after nuclear disaster

  8. 9. Fatman Chocolate-flavored drink turns him into a flying saucer Note:Anytime there is food around, he stops pursuing bad guys to eat it!

  9. 8. Sparkman Generates crackling static electricity

  10. 7. Speed Centaur Gallops to crime scenes

  11. 6. Kangaroo Man Uses trained kangaroo to stomp out evil Note:The name of the kangaroo is Bingo

  12. 5. KaptainKween Gets physical strength from a white-bearded mystic…but only works against villains who attack hair and hair stylists

  13. 4. Madam Fatal A guy who dresses like a woman to sneak up on bad guys

  14. 3. Mr. E Mr. "E" had a subterranean temple beneath his home where he appealed to a wise and powerful god of the ancients known as "King Kolah" for guidance and assistance. King Kolah would present Mr. "E" with visions to lead him to criminals. King Kolah would also send "tiny messengers" to assist Mr. "E." The "tiny helpers" were small elf-like creatures who could assume the shapes of many creatures.

  15. 2. Mosquito Boy Can fly and sting people but… vulnerable to insect repellent and a swat on the head Note:Robotboy, Rocketboy, Rubberboy, and Mosquito Boy are the "Super Kids", alter-identities of those so-called "champions of abused kids” the “G.I. Juniors”

  16. 1. The Blimp Can float…but can’t go anywhere unless there’s a breeze! Note: The Inferior Five included Merryman, Dumb Bunny, The Blimp, Awkwardman, and the White Feather

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