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Construction Site Induction PowerPoint Presentation
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Construction Site Induction

Construction Site Induction

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Construction Site Induction

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  1. Construction Site Induction A guide to “HOW TO” by Coldrop

  2. Welcome • Introduce yourself • Outline the details of the project • Outline the purpose of the Induction • Explain the health and Safety site rules • Provide details of who is the Site Manager and any relevant other supervisors on site

  3. Site Details • Provide details of the welfare facilities such as canteen, toilets, drying rooms and any restrictions on their use • Explain site access arrangements such as signing daily site register and pedestrian routes on site • Give details of on/off parking arrangements

  4. First Aid • In the event of injury, provide details of the first aid box location and the name of the appointed First Aider • Site First Aider is ……………….. • First Aid box is located………….. • Nearest A+E Hospital is ………...

  5. Fire Procedures • Permits are required for Hot Works • Location of fire fighting equipment • Identify approved fire fighting personnel

  6. Emergency Procedures • Explain the site emergency procedures • Identify the emergency Muster point • Provide details of restrictions for fighting fires • Provide details of authorised site re-entry after an emergency

  7. Accident Procedures • Explain that all incidents/accidents must be reported and recorded in the site accident book • Near misses must also be reported • Detail the procedure for reporting • Confirm that certain accidents must be reported as per RIDDOR and full co-operation is required by contractors

  8. Daily Activities • Inform personnel of Daily Hazards • Notices of SPECIFIC risks on site must be placed on the site notice board detailing the hazards of the day, such as • Hot Works • Groundwork's • Working at Height • Site Transport (including site deliveries)

  9. Concerned/Worried ? • If anyone has any safety issues they are concerned with, these should be brought to the attention of one of the following….. • Their own Foreman/Supervisor • Site Manager • Site Health + Safety Officer • Site Foreman

  10. Basic Site Awareness • Ensure all personnel on site know why they are there, that they have method statements and risk assessments for the tasks, AND they have read them ! • Explain that certain work may require a PERMIT TO WORK due to the nature or location of the task, this type of work is not allowed to start without a permit being issued first

  11. Site Rules • Explain all the site rules • PPE requirements such as Boots, Hi-Viz • Zero Tolerance for Violence & Bullying • Smoking/Drug/Alcohol policy on site • Traffic Movement & site speed limits

  12. Handling Equipment • Explain the safe use of equipment on site by competent personnel only, such as • Alteration/construction/dismantling of scaffolds • Licensed machine operators only to use equipment on site • The safe use of ladders

  13. Site Housekeeping • Explain the rules on housekeeping and storage on site • The need for clear walkways around the site to reduce the risk of collision with moving plant/vehicles • Food and drink to be eaten in areas provided and areas to be kept clean and hygienic

  14. Additional site Information • Discuss/explain arrangements for • COSHH • Ear defender zones • Vibration tools and exposure limits • Enclosed spaces • Restricted areas on site

  15. Site Induction Register • Ensure everyone who attends site has a site induction and a copy of the form is kept on site • Where possible provide a helmet sticker stating date of induction and name of wearer • Where possible provide an induction booklet/leaflet to all site visitors