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September 23

September 23

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September 23

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  1. September 23 1. During the French and Indian war, why did most of the Native American tribes side with the French? a. The Indians had become Catholic. b. The Indians worked for the French as guides. c. The Indians negotiated treaties with the French. d. The Indians were trading partners with the French. 2. At the end of the French and Indian War a. Great Britain gave Georgia to Spain. b. France got all land east of the Mississippi River. c. Spain gave up Florida. d. The Indians lost all land west of the Chattahoochee River. 3. Leading up to American Revolution, most Georgians were a. quick to join the revolutionary movement. b. reluctant to take sides against the British. c. worried that Georgia would cease to be a colony. d. unaffected since they had little ties to Great Britain.

  2. September 24 • People loyal to Great Britain were called a. comrades b. loyalists c. patriots d. abolitionists 2. Georgians who signed the Declaration of Independence were a. Lyman Hall, Button Gwinnett, and John Hancock b. Button Gwinnett, Robert Castell, and Benjamin Franklin c. George Dunbar, George Walton, and Lyman Hall d. Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton 3. The Stamp Act placed a tax on a. playing cards b. paint c. wine d. tea

  3. September 25 1.Which prehistoric culture grew most of their food? a. Paleo b. Archaic c. Woodland d. Mississippian 2. In protest of the Tea Act, colonists a. sent petitions to the King. b. dumped ship loads of tea in the Boston Harbor. c. asked the royal governors to close the Boston port. d. killed hundreds of British tea merchants.

  4. September 26 • Which royal governor set up a budget and regulated trade with the Indians? a. John Reynolds b. Henry Ellis c. James Wright d. James Oglethorpe 2. Between 1750 and 1775, slaveryin Georgia a. increased. b. decreased. c. stayed the same. d. was prohibited.