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Social Enterprise PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

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Social Enterprise

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  1. Social Enterprise Microsoft in the Enterprise Wayne Thompson Social Lead – Microsoft Canada

  2. Social Technologies Are Growing Explosively Years to reach 50 million users… Radio Television Internet iPod Facebook 38 years 13 years 4 years 3 years 100 million <9 months source:

  3. Social Is Changing How We Do Business Big data Mobility Social Cloud Rise of the social customer Changes in how we work 65%of companies are deploying at least one social software tool Average of 4consumer devices used every day 44%of consumers complain via social media 20%expect a responsewithin 1 hour via social media 84%of organizations have remote workers

  4. The Social Customer Journey What is the right TECHNOLOGY strategy for today and the future? How do we driveADOPTIONand reach critical mass quickly? Will our CULTUREembrace making social a part of everyday work? Initial deployment Deploy social tools that connect people and information Integrated platform Adopt a platform and sunset siloed solutions Intelligent solutions Deliver business solutions that use your social graph Align to your Organization’s Digital Strategy!

  5. transform the way we work together

  6. Microsoft’s Vision for Social Business Transformation Unified Platform

  7. Transform the Way We Work EmployeeEngagement TeamCollaboration Business Agility SocialIntranet

  8. Employee Engagement Remove communication barriers and give employees a voice, information, and the tools they need to take your business to the next level. Companies with engaged employees see 18% higher productivity & 51% lower turnover “Social networking improves how employees connect with the work they are doing and how incredibly impactful that work can be.” – CIO of a major international food services company Source: Gallup Consulting, Employee Engagement, What's your Engagement Ratio?

  9. Team Collaboration Teams need to connect, learn from each other, and thrive in a world of rapid change. Organizations see a 20% - 25%boost in productivity with social Sales Marketing “Yammer helps us harness the wisdom of our people across multiple teams, geographies and brands to achieve our purpose of delivering business solutions for competitive advantage.” – CIO of a global financial services organization Finance Source: McKinsey, The Social Economy

  10. Business Agility People, culture and communication are the key success drivers for agile business’. 64%of successful transformations engage & energizethe organization through ongoing communication & involvement CUSTOMERS Employees COMPANIES PARTNERS "Yammer glued people together and showed underperforming markets. We noticed the most active groups on Yammer were also the most profitable in our organization."  – Senior Director of a major international retailer Source: McKinsey, : What Successful Transformations Share

  11. Social Intranet Traditional Intranets offer great capabilities for publishing content and providing access to structured information. Social brings these intranets to life with fresh discussions and active communities. Knowledge workers spent28 hours each week writing e-mails, searching for information, and collaborating internally “Yammer has given our people a platform for open conversations, enabling us to share more ideas and solve problems faster across our business.” – COO of a major international telecommunications company Source: McKinsey, : The Social Economy, July 2012

  12. Yammer + SharePoint Rich Collaboration Suite Social Networking Social Networking Collaboration Suite

  13. Yammer + SharePoint The Platform ITNeeds Scalable Infrastructure Advanced andCustomizable Software PeopleLove AlwaysImproving Simple andConsistent

  14. Roadmap LOB Apps Lync, Exchange, Office Client Apps Social Layer

  15. Get Started Today! Sign up and try Yammer Download the evaluation and experience Office 365 Attend SharePoint Conference Las Vegas, Nevada. November 12-15, 2012