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District Test Coordinators Training (Required for DTCs)

District Test Coordinators Training (Required for DTCs). DTC Training. Big Picture Objectives Create an accurate snapshot of the achievement of Oregon’s students Understand state and federal policies so that you can help build effective district and school procedures

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District Test Coordinators Training (Required for DTCs)

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  1. District Test Coordinators Training(Required for DTCs)

  2. DTC Training Big Picture Objectives • Create an accurate snapshot of the achievement of Oregon’s students • Understand state and federal policies so that you can help build effective district and school procedures • Close Oregon’s achievement gap

  3. Policy Contacts Regional ESD Helpdesks: http://www.ode.state.or.us/go/assessmenthelp • Derek Brown, Manager of Essential Skills • Essential Skills Implementation • derek.brown@state.or.us, (503)947-5841 • Holly Carter, Assessment Policy Analyst • Test Security and Administration Policies • holly.carter@state.or.us, (503)947-5739 • Kevin Hamler-Dupras, Manager of Reporting • Accountability and Reporting • kevin.hamler-dupras@state.or.us, (503)947-5828 • Beth LaDuca, NAEP State Coordinator • beth.laduca@state.or.us, (503)947-5836 • Brad Lenhardt, Extended Assessment Specialist • Accommodations • Alternate Assessment • brad.lenhardt@state.or.us, (503)947-5755 • Kathleen Vanderwall, Manager of Test Design • Test Development • kathleen.vanderwall@state.or.us, (503)947-5721 • Test Improprieties • ode.testsecurity@state.or.us, (503)947-5928

  4. DTC Training Regional Support Structure • ODE will provide information through DTC listserv and Regional ESD helpdesks • Regional ESDs are the best source for assessment support • For questions and training, the state has been divided into three regions: Willamette ESD, Douglas ESD, and InterMountain ESD • Regional ESD contact information online http://www.ode.state.or.us/go/assessmenthelp

  5. DTC Training Training Objectives • Understand the unique role and responsibilities of the district test coordinator • Effectively train school test coordinators and test administrators • Learn about additional resources and tools

  6. DTC Training Training Format • Organized into short modules • Designed to be delivered to district and school staff • Do’s, Don’ts, and Promising Practices • Acorns for storage • Clear objectives and questions for discussion

  7. DTC Training Training Overview • Today’s training will cover the following modules • Module 1: DTC Training • Module 2: STC Training* • Module 3: TA Training*† • Module 4: Accommodations*† • Module 5: Test Security*† • Module 6: OAKS Online*† • Module 7: ELPA*† • Module 8: Writing*† • Module 9: TIDE • Module 10: Online Reports • Module 11: Essential Skills • * Required for local STC training • † Required for local TA training

  8. DTC Training Your Role • Test administration and security training • Coordinate access to OAKS System and testing data • Coordinate student testing options • Coordinate testing logistics • Investigate and report any test improprieties to ODE

  9. DTC Training Roles and Responsibilities Training and Enforcing Test Administration Policies Ensure that all STCs and TAs: • Receive annual training • Read and understand the Test Administration Manual • Sign assurance of test security form

  10. DTC Training Roles and Responsibilities (cont’d) Training and Enforcing Test Administration Policies (cont’d) • Disseminate ODE-issued testing updates and alerts to district staff involved in state testing • Respond to questions from the schools using Regional Assessment support partners when necessary

  11. DTC Training Roles and Responsibilities (cont’d) Plan test administration with school test coordinators • Ensure schools have procedures in place to appropriately test each student • Collect and supervise any school-imposed test windows • Support schools selected for NAEP in planning for assessment day

  12. DTC Training Roles and Responsibilities (cont’d) Order Paper-Based Writing Tests • Order pre-coded tests for eligible 11thand 12th grade students through TIDE • Order Windows • Winter order window: 10/19 – 12/10 • Spring order window: 1/25 – 3/15 • Order Files • Upload order for multiple students • Required: SSID and DOB • Optional: teacher name and class period • Order for single students via student details • Blank overage booklets for enrollment fluctuation only

  13. DTC Training Roles and Responsibilities (cont’d) • Authorize restricted resources for individual students • DSAs or DTSAs must authorize in TIDE prior to testing • Must be done for individual students only • For students on IEPs or 504 Plans, the student’s plan must indicate the student needs the restricted resource • For students not on an IEP or 504 Plan, the decision must be based on individual student need and documented by the district • Investigate and report all test improprieties to ODE

  14. DTC Training Do’s and Don’ts Do’s • DTCs must ensure that all school test coordinators and test administrators receive training. • DTCs must incorporate ODE-provided modules when training STCs and TAs at the local level. • DTCs may go beyond the ODE-provided training modules when conducting local training. • DTCs may use Promising Testing Practices found online as an additional training resource.

  15. DTC Training Do’s and Don’ts (cont’d) Do’s (cont’d) • Do ensure that paper-based Writing tests are shipped by the deadline identified in the Test Schedule. Only tests shipped by the shipping deadline will be scored. • Doreport test improprieties within 1 business day of becoming aware of any.

  16. DTC Training Do’s and Don’ts (cont’d) Don’ts • DTCs mustnot forget test administrators who: • Administer the Extended Assessment, the Kindergarten Assessment, or OAKS through the Braille Interface • Are substitute teachers or who are employed in private and public programs that are serving students from their district.

  17. DTC Training Promising Practices • DTC leads a training session using ODE-provided training modules that includes a discussion of policies found in the Test Administration Manual and allows participants to ask questions. • DTC coordinates with Title III and SpEd Coordinators to identify all staff who need training (including OAKS Online, ELPA, Writing, Braille, Kindergarten, and Extended tests) • DTC tracks which staff have received training and signed an Assurance Form (including substitutes) and only gives access to the OAKS System for those staff

  18. DTC Training Promising Practices (cont’d) • DTC develops a plan to provide “make-up” training to new hires or substitutes who will be involved in test administration. • DTC coordinates with STCs to provide mini refresher trainings before the start of each testing window.

  19. DTC Training In a Nutshell • DTC duties cover both training and logistical aspects of testing • DTCs are the gate keepers: • Track which teachers get training • Don’t forget substitutes and new hires! • Track which test formats students access • Training resources are available: • Training modules • Promising Practices • Best Practices Guide • Regional ESDs

  20. DTC Training Online Resources • ODE staff contact information: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/staff/ • Assessment and Accountability webpage: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=1309 • Regional ESD Helpdesk contact information: http://www.ode.state.or.us/go/assessmenthelp • Test Administration Manual and Best Practices Guide: http:www.ode.state.or.us/go/tam • Accommodations Manual and Webpage: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=487 • Training Modules: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=2744 • Promising Practices: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=2444 • Test Security Forms: http://www.ode.state.or.us/go/testsecurity

  21. DTC Training Acorns for Storage • What resources are available to help ensure valid and secure test administration? • Why is test security so important? • How can we learn more promising practices?

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