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Early Childhood Education II PowerPoint Presentation
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Early Childhood Education II

Early Childhood Education II

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Early Childhood Education II

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  1. Early Childhood Education II Mrs. Jeannie Graffeo, CAGS Family and Consumer Science/EEC HHS- Help Sessions- Tuesdays 2:03-3:03

  2. Early Childhood Education II Students must have completed and passed Early Childhood Education I with a B or better, and undergo a CORI background check. This course is required for State of MA Early Education and Care teacher certification. Early Childhood Education is a field study program of study offered to seniors. Students will work in the laboratory settings at the preschool in the Hudson Public Schools or at other locations within Hudson.

  3. Early Childhood Education II • The student will participate in routine care and play activities for the preschool child in preparation for employment as well as future parenthood. Upon completion of this 3rd course and graduation from HHS and completion of the EEC application, the student will become State of MA EEC preschool teacher certified.

  4. Early Childhood Education II STUDENT EXPECTATIONS: • Come to class on time, prepared, and ready to learn • Create a positive and supportive environment by: a. Demonstrating self-control b. Actively participating and demonstrating involvement c. Remaining on-task and following directions d. Demonstrating care and respect

  5. Early Childhood Education II Bring the following materials to class daily: • Writing utensil • 3 ring binder • Loose leaf paper • Notebook for Writing Reflections

  6. Early Childhood Education II Other: 1. Cell phone/ Electronic Devices: Cell phones and electronic devices should be quiet and stored away during class. If the opportunity presents itself, the teacher may instruct students to use these devices for educational purposes. 2. Absent: If a student is absent from class, he/she will be accountable for any missed work or assignments. Students are responsible for checking in with peers or teacher to ensure that he/she has met their academic responsibilities 3. Text book: Students will be issued a text book. The books will be the responsibility of the student. These texts should be covered and cared for to promote longevity. Books that are not well cared for will be replaced by the student and/or family.

  7. Early Childhood Education II

  8. Classroom Responsibility: You will be evaluated on your ability to: • Be in self-control • Demonstrate active participation • Remain on-task • Demonstrate care and respect Early Childhood Education II

  9. Early Childhood Education II Writing Reflections: Keep a notebook to reflect upon your learning in and out of class in regards to course content. You will need to write a minimum of 5 sentences for each reflection statement and have at minimum of 2 entries a week. The notebook will be checked at the teacher’s discretion; therefore, students should keep these up to date and be ready.

  10. Early Childhood Education II

  11. Early Childhood Education II Paper: The paper will need to be in a content area from the text. The paper should have information that extends from the text and be reflective of the student’s learning during the course. Length- min. 3 pages; max. 5 pages *Stay tuned for more information on the paper

  12. Early Childhood Education II

  13. Early Childhood Education II Quizzes: There will be 8 quizzes to support your learning of course content and to help you recognize what you need to study for the exam. Quizzes will sometimes be grouped by units or on a particular unit. These will be announced.

  14. Early Childhood Education I Exam: The exam will be at the end of the semester and have a combination of multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the blank, short answer, and True/False.

  15. Early Childhood Education I Lesson Plans and Implementation • Develop 2 lesson plans to implement with young children • Plan will be observed and evaluated by peers and educators * More information regarding the Lesson Plans and Implementation will be presented in class.

  16. Early Childhood Education I Lesson Plans and Implementation Rubric: • Complete use of Lesson Template with connection to standards • All tasks are implemented • Lesson is well paced • All students are engaged

  17. 10 hrs.

  18. 13+ hrs.

  19. 10 hrs.

  20. 10 hrs.

  21. 10 hrs.

  22. 10 hrs.

  23. 10+ hrs.

  24. 10 hrs.

  25. 9 + hrs.

  26. Total hrs. from course: 95 hrs. 3+ hrs.

  27. Example of Log sheet