the history of the transistor n.
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The History of the Transistor PowerPoint Presentation
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The History of the Transistor

The History of the Transistor

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The History of the Transistor

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  1. The History of the Transistor Alex Basinger

  2. The Vacuum Tube The Vacuum tube is a glass tube that hold electric currents First saw by Thomas Edison, and called it the “Edison Effect” The Vacuum tube didn’t reach its full potential until Lee De Forest, improved on the idea When the filament was heated it would allow electrons to flow

  3. The Transistor Is a semiconductor switch that controls the electric currents John Bardeen and Walter Brattain first made this discovery in the AT&T bell labs in 1947 The discovery of the transistor soon won them the Nobel physics’ prize The Transistor is a three wire plug in that can read high currents, and low currents

  4. The Central Processing Unit It carries out instructions by using basic Arithmetic, Logical The idea of the CPU came from the basic idea from the computer The first companies to use the CPU were, Motorola, Intel, and AMD

  5. Motorola Motorola first used the CPU in 1979 It was called the Motorola 6800 This CPU had a 16/32-bit The Motorola 6800, was the first successful 32-bit The first Motorola 6800 was fabricated in September 1979 First founded in September 25 1928 There boom in was during world war 2, when they made radio for the Allies One of there products was such a success that the company changed to “Motorola”

  6. Intel Intel was first founded California in 1968 by Gordon E. Moore, Robert Noyce Intel was well known for its ability to make Semiconductors The first product that was made in 1969 had a 64-bit By 2000 the demand for there products had slowed By 2006 they mad started to regain some movement in there sells of the product

  7. AMD AMD was founded on MAY 1 1969, in Sunnyvale California They started as a logic chip making company, then soon start to make RAM chips At the same time they were trying to make graphic, Audio cards, and other goodies The company was founded on the idea of developing computer processor AMD is the second-largest supplier of microprocessors, just right behind Intel

  8. Thank you for your time Sources: Wikipedia