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The History of

The History of

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The History of

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  1. The History of Mr. Jason Werden High School Music History

  2. The Story • "The Phantom of the Opera" is a hideously deformed musical genius who hides in shadow, living beneath the Paris Opera house (which he himself designed some years earlier). Forced to live this way due to the fact that he has become a killer, his motives in life are changed when he falls in love with a young prima donna named Christine, a girl he has secretly been giving singing lessons.        But when a young man named Raoul DeChagny vies for the love of Christine, a deadly rivalry ensues- which will determine the fate of not only Christine, but of the entire Paris Opera House. “ -taken from

  3. The Beginning • The original novel was written in 1911 by Gaston Leroux (top left). • Several movies based on the Phantom were released, beginning in 1925. Some versions strayed away from Leroux’s original story but the version starring Lon Chaney as the Phantom (pictured bottom left) is believed to be the most accurate.

  4. The Musical • In early 1986, Andrew Lloyd Webber (pictured right) began the finishing touches on a musical based on Gaston Leroux’s book. It has become widely recognized and successful in both the United States and overseas.

  5. The Musical • The first stage performance of the Phantom took place at Her Majesty’s Theater in London on October 9th, 1986. It has continued to sell out the largest and most prominent theaters for the past 18 years. • The lead roles for the first performance were played by Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman.

  6. The Movie • The latest Phantom of the Opera movie was released in 2004, starring Gerald Butler and Emmy Rossum. Andrew Lloyd Webber served as the producer and composed 15 minutes of new music for the film.

  7. The Characters

  8. The Phantom • Neglected and abused at an early age, the Phantom is brought to the Paris Opera House. • After living in the basements of the opera house for many years, he falls in love with one of his students, Christine. In his search for love and acceptance, he turns to revenge and murder.

  9. The Phantom • Over the years, many different actors have played the Phantom on stage and in the movies, including Gerald Butler, Colm Wilkenson, Lon Chaney, and Michael Crawford. The image of the Phantom has also changed significantly over the years.

  10. Christine • A chorus singer who eventually lands a lead role. Forced to choose between the Phantom and her childhood friend, Raoul. • Played by Emmy Rossum in the 2004 movie.

  11. Raoul • A wealthy nobleman who has loved Christine since their childhood. Forced to fight the Phantom for her affection. • Played by Patrick Wilson in the movie.

  12. Carlotta • A leading soprano who loses her job to Christine. Afterwards, she falls victim to the Phantom. • Played by Minnie Driver.

  13. Andre and Firmin • Andre and Firmin are the new owners of the Paris Opera House and terrorized by the Phantom. • Played by Ciarian Hinds and Simon Callow.

  14. The Orchestra • For both the movie and its stage version, a 110 piece orchestra provides the music. • (One of the rare pieces of orchestral music that uses a saxophone). • All music was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Richard Stilgoe, and Charles Hart.

  15. Websites • The following websites were used to complete this project: • • •

  16. The End