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Taliban PowerPoint

Taliban PowerPoint

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Taliban PowerPoint

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  1. Taliban PowerPoint By: Trey Smith and Devon Parks

  2. Where did they come from ? • The Taliban is a group that was not well known until they were tasked with protecting a trade convoy. • When this job was finished they were recognized as the strongest faction.

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  4. Taliban Takeover • “The Taliban, under the leadership of Mullah Muhammad Omar, seize control of Kabul and implement a strict interpretation of Islamic law.” (info • In September of 1996 the Taliban gave Osama bin laden refuge. • The Taliban spread slowly but steadily take over Afghanistan in 1998 they “took over the city of Bamian.”( • Other cities taken over are: Mazar-I-Sharif, Taloqan, and Herat. • The Taliban controlled 90% of afgahnistan until US drove them out in 2001.

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  6. Effects of Taliban Rule • The rules that they had in place were very harsh. • “Taliban rule was characterized by a strict form of Islamic law, requiring women to wear head-to-toe veils.”( • The Taliban would throw a man in jail for not having a long enough beard. • They destroyed giant Buddha statues that were held sacred to the people of Bamian.

  7. Effects of Taliban Rule • The Taliban terrorized the civilians of Afgahnistan. • The Taliban executed the civilians for many reasons most of which were unfair. • The Taliban had hit the women of Afgahnistan harder than anyone else with the strict Islamic Law.

  8. Taliban’s Effect on Women • The Taliban had degraded women of Afgahnistan. • They had made it the law so women did not have the right to employment. • The women also did not have the right to education. • Fatima, a RAWA member who goes by her first name only, told CMAJ. "Widows who cannot afford the burqa are left to die, since they cannot leave home without one and have no means of supporting themselves." (

  9. Taliban Effect on Women (Cont.) • Fatima also said “It is difficult to get around in them.”( She is referring to the clothing they had to wear. • “Women must never make noise as they walk.”( • The women are treated unfair it is a struggle for them everyday.

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  11. Taliban Effect on Men • The man are still treated unfairly but not as harsh as women. • Men were not allowed to shave they must maintain a beard. • If they did not keep a beard they would not be allowed to work and could be killed for it.

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  13. Taliban Effect on Life • “Wearing shorts to play soccer was not allowed”( • Listening to music was not allowed by the Taliban. • There is no chance of appealing a case against you in court the punishments are swift and never fair.

  14. Conclusion • The Taliban had tortured and brutalized the people of Afghanistan. • The Taliban forced the Afghans to miss out on opportunities that we take for granted.

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