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The Taliban Today PowerPoint Presentation
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The Taliban Today

The Taliban Today

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The Taliban Today

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  1. The Taliban Today The Taliban People

  2. Brief History • The Taliban, upon seizing power, started a system of gender discrimination. • Effectively thrusting the women of Afghanistan into a state of virtual house arrest. • The Taliban took control in 1996.

  3. Taliban Women • Prohibited women from leaving their homes unless accompanied by a close male relative.

  4. Depression Rate Of Taliban Women • The Following chart is a graph showing the depression rate of Taliban women. • 97% of Taliban women are depressed, while 3% are not.

  5. The Veiling of Taliban Women • Ordered the publicly visible windows of women's houses painted black. • They also forced women to wear the burqa (or chadari) - which completely shrouds the body, leaving only a small mesh-covered opening through which to see.

  6. A Taliban Woman’s Duties • The Taliban Women are to take care of the childern, cook and clean. Also obey the male’s orders. • Banished women from the work force.

  7. School/University For Women • Closed schools to girls in cities and expelled women from universities

  8. The Consequences • Many women, now forcibly housebound, have attempted suicide by swallowing household cleaner, rather than continuing to Live under these conditions. • Women have died of treatable ailments because male doctors were not allowed to treat them.

  9. Health Care For Taliban Women • Prohibited women and girls from being examined by male physicians while at the same time, prohibited most female doctors and nurses from working. • Currently there are a few, selected female doctors allowed to operate in segregated wards.

  10. Taliban Rules • Women are not to: • Speak or laugh loudly • Ride bicycles or motorcycles • Wear shoes that click • Wear makeup • Leaving home without a close male relative • Speaking to a males who are not close male relatives

  11. Rules Of The Taliban The Following are prohibited: • Eating Pork, pig oil and lobster Movies and Photographs • VCR’s, TV’s & Satelite Dishes Computers & The Internet • Kite flying and chess playing Pool tables and firecrackers • Pet Pigeons & sewing catalogs Clapping at sporting events • Singing and dancing “anything that propagates sex and is full of music”

  12. After the Taliban On November 12th, 2001, the Taliban rule came to a end. The Northern Alliance took control of Afghanistan.

  13. Lifting the Veil An Afghan woman and her daughter visit Kabul zoo. Under the Taliban they were not allowed to visit the zoo or show their faces.

  14. Watching Football • Afghans in their house in Heart watch the World Cup qualifying football match between Iran and Ireland on satellite TV on November 15. • Television was banned under the Taliban.

  15. Ferrying Aid • A Russian border guard watches as an Afghan ferry boat crosses the Pyandzh river on the Tajik-Afghan border near Paccar on November 15. • The ferry takes international humanitarian aid and Russian military equipment and ammunition to northern Afghanistan

  16. Visiting The Zoo • Afghan women and children leave Zabul zoo, which women were not allowed to visit under the Taliban regime.

  17. Riding A Bicycle • An Afghan man rides his bicycle past a burned-out car in Kabul. The vehicle was destroyed during clashes on November 12 between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban.

  18. Greatest hits • Residents of Kabul gather around Noor Mohammed, today, to listen to a tape of music which had been banned by the Taliban.

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