quality assurance n.
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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

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  1. Quality Assurance Quality Assurance: It is the systematic process of assuring, that an organization is providing a product which meets all the requirements of its customers. It basically verifies that the product has undergone all the criteria posed by their customers. It follows a cycle comprising four phases, to maintain a smooth flow of product production. PDCA Cycle Basically, any process will have a set of phases for a successful development. Quality Assurance has defined their own PDCA cycle which has these phases Plan Do Check Act This is a continuous cycle which implements all these phases in a chronological order. We will discuss every phase in detail. Plan- It is basically a planning phase where the organization establish their objectives related to the product delivery process. Do- Enacting the above phase after some basic improvements in the process. Check- This phase includes all the improvements and changes which are required for an efficient and systematic flow of the product development process. Act- The final step after implementing all the above phases. If our development procedure is efficient and free from all the flaws, then we will implement this procedure. A product has to undergo all these phases to become flawless and efficient. Quality products improve the trust of the customers towards the company. Every company must set up a quality assurance to reduce errors of the final product. Quality Control Quality control checks whether the final product has all the requirements asked by the customers. It has got nothing to do with the process used to create the product. It includes a series of tests, which the final product has to undergo, before delivering to the customer.

  2. People often get confused between QA and QC. A clear explanation is given below QA It deals with the process of product making Makes all the improvements required for the smooth flow of process The process should be defect free and able to produce quality products QC It deals with the final product Makes some tests on the final product If the product fails to meet their requirements, the flaws are rectified. Now, with the above given information, I presume that QA and QC are clarified. Then, what do SQA and ST mean? They are the synonyms for QA and QC in terms of software. Didn’t get what I mean?? Ok. SQA- It stands for Software Quality Assurance, works similar to Quality Assurance ST- It stands for Software Testing and the process is similar to QC. SQA It is a process that assures or ensures quality of the product It involves modification and implementation of a quality production process QC It tests the final product before the customer receives it. It deals directly with the product and takes measures to ensure the quality. Quality Assurance Functions Technology transfer Validation Documentation Assuring Quality of Products Quality improvement Plans Quality Assurance Certifications ISO 9000 CMMI Level Test Maturity Model Inference: I want to conclude that the Quality Assurance helps to provide the best products to the customers. To achieve this, every organization should have a flawless and quality process plan.