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Great Barrier Reef PowerPoint Presentation
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Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

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Great Barrier Reef

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  1. Great Barrier Reef By Jessica Mair

  2. The Great Barrier Reef is a marine environment and is located in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef has many features including 3,400 individual reefs with hard and soft corals.The Great Barrier Reef also has really old large corals which can provide scientists with valuable data on water temperature and rainfall which helps determine current global warming and possible climate changes. Another feature of the coral is that the oldest coral is about 1,000 years old. The corals are little colonies made up of tiny little polyps.The Great Barrier Reef is 344,000 square kilometres.

  3. There are many specific fish in the Great Barrier Reef including Gobies, Angelfish, Butterfly Fish and Trout.

  4. The Angel fish are known for their interesting shape and colourful markings. Some of the patterns that are on the Angelfish are thin colourful stripes, speckled spots or just plain colours. Angelfish have different colours including black,white, yellow, orange, purple, silver, blue, green. There skin type is scales. Angelfish are 7 cm to 30 cm long. Angelfish live in the Great Barrier Reef and are found in the upper reefs. They have over 80 different types of species in their family. Angelfish have many special features including beauty and an inquisitive nature.The Angelfish are from Animalia kingdom. The scientific name for the Angelfish is Pomacanthidae. The Angelfish comes from the Southern Hemisphere and currently lives in tropical rivers and reefs. The water type that Angelfish like is freshwater or saltwater. The Angelfish diet is omnivore and eats fish, algae, plankton. The Angelfish life span is 8 to 15 years. The reason why the Angelfish have a small life span is because of many different reasons and one of the reasons why is because Angelfish have many skillful predators including other bigger fish, birds, sharks and land mammals. The Angelfish is currently a species that is threatened.

  5. Seagrass are found in coastal marine places. It is the diet of the dugong and green turtle. The seagrass is home to a habitat for smaller marine animals. The seagrass also helps keeps the water clean. Since dinosaur time the seagrass has been on the seafloor of the reef. The seagrass is the only flowering plant that can live underwater. Seagrass is very closely related to lilies and ginger than real grass.

  6. Cyclones are one of the Great Barrier Reefs devastating natural disasters. The northern end of the Reef was the path of Cyclone Yasi. The effect was physical damage including destroyment of the fast growing coral, the Staghorns and the slow growing, older, Brain Coral.