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Power Point for Life

Power Point for Life

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Power Point for Life

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  1. Power Point for Life By: Katherine Anderson

  2. Baby Nursery,r:1,s:18,i:138

  3. Baby Bed and Mattress $72.33 at Target $52.99 at Target

  4. Car Seat $74.99 at Target

  5. Stroller $65.69 at Target(put car seat in it)

  6. Burp a Baby

  7. Wordy Directions • Stand up and have the baby’s belly facing towards you with it’s head over your shoulder. Gently pat it’s back. • Sit down and have the baby sitting in your lap. Face the baby in the left or right direction. Gently pat it’s back. • Sit down and have the baby laying on it’s stomach on your lap. Keep the baby’s head up and gently pat it’s back.

  8. How to Breastfeed • Lift your shirt up. Pull your bra off your bosoms. Hold the baby and it will latch onto your boob and start sucking.

  9. Breast Feed • Or you could use a breast pump for when they are being baby-sat. You can pump it into a bottle for the baby to drink instead of straight of your breasts.

  10. Bottle Feed • Go to the grocery store and pick out baby formula. Put it in a bottle and feed your baby

  11. Bottle Feeding

  12. Diapering A Baby

  13. Diapering A Baby You need to decide what the best brand is for your baby. You need something soft and flexible so they don’t get a DIAPER RASH!

  14. Diapering A Baby • First, wash your hands before putting on the diaper. • Then, throw the dirty diaper away and clean off the baby. • Next, wash your hands before putting on the clean diaper. • Then, put on the clean diaper. • Finally, wash your hands.

  15. Diapering a Baby • Lay the child on it’s back and get the disposable diapers

  16. Reflexes • Reflex is an automatic body response to a stimulus. • There are survival reflexes and primitive reflexes. • Most of them disappear late in the first year.

  17. Rooting • When a baby turns it’s head at anything that touches their face.

  18. Palmar Grasp • It is very easy to observe. When you touch the infant’s palms, the hands will grip tightly.

  19. Moro • When a newborn is started by a sudden noise or movement, the baby flings the arms and legs outward and extends the head.

  20. Babinski • It is present in babies who were born at full term. If you stroke the sole of their foot, it will curl up.

  21. Stepping • It can be observed in full term babies. When an infant is held and it’s feet are flat on the ground, it will step one foot in front of the other.

  22. FTT • Failure to Thrive is found usually in toddlers and infants. Symptoms include lack of weight gain and height growth. It’s caused by malnutrition and neglect.

  23. SIDS • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome To prevent this • Place infants on back to sleep • Provide a firm crib • Keep soft materials and stuffed toys out of crib • Comfortable temperature