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Sara Miśta

Sara Miśta

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Sara Miśta

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  1. Swimming ! Sara Miśta

  2. Swimming. A method of movement in the water used by humans and animals. It is a popular recreational activity, particularly in countries with warmer climates and natural water reservoirs. Swimming is also a sport.

  3. Competing in the pool. Swimming competing hold on the 50 meter swimming pool less 25-meter. On long swimming competitions are the most important swimming events such as Olympics, Olympic swimming pool, where competitions are hold, should have the dimensions 50x25 m, with a miniumum depth of 1. 83 m, have 10 lanes. The water temperature during the competition should be between 25 °C to 28 °C. On the both side walls of the pool electronic boards, connected to the automatic timing devices, are hanged.

  4. Swim Styles. There are four styles of swimming : • Butterfly (dolphin, butterfly, fly) • Back Style (back) • Classic style (frog, classic) • Crawl In the swimming competitions are also used terms: -Variable -Freestyle

  5. Swimming for health. This kind of physical activity is of particular importance. Even a small degree of activity in water has a beneficial effect on the body. Swimming is especially recommended for people with various mobilit problems. With all kinds of degenerations joints, especially recommended for the classic style, wchich activites the muscles of the neck and back. In the backstroke important role the aldominal muscles, cervical and lumbar spine. Totational movements activite the joints of the spine balanced and therefore are useful in a variety of degenerative dieases of the spine.

  6. Master of swimming in Poland. The biggest champion of swimming in Poland is Otylia Jedrzejczak. She was three times chosen as the best atchlete in Poland. Her major achievements are : • Double Olympic vice, • Twice world champion, • Five times European Champion, • European record holder, • Triple world record holder.

  7. The benefits of swimming. Swimming makes a great pleasure and satisfaction while breaking their records. Swimming relaxes and brings a good mood. Apart from the pleasure, it also has a significant impact on fitness and health : -Swimming improves respiratory and cardiovascular stamina, -Strengethens the chest muscles, shoulders, girdle, arms, legs and abdomen, -Helps to reduce body fat, -Has a salutary effect on our spine.

  8. Disabled Swimming. Swimming is also a paralympic discipline, practiced by people with disabilities. In order to compare the results apply to disability groups: S1 to S10 locomotor disability, S11-S13 organs of sight.

  9. Swimming pool. Swimming pool – artificial, enclosed water tank, a rectangular, usually with standardized dimensions, designed to: -Recreational swimming -playing sports of swimming competition, -jumping into the water, -practicing water polo

  10. Water polo. A team water sport game for two teams of seven players which sets up the playing field and sets the goal of dimensions 3x0.9 m. The victory is decided by goals scored. Sport practiced in over 100 countries, also by women.

  11. Jumping into the water. A sport which involves jumping from a trampoline (the height of 1 m or 3 m) and from the tower (height 5 m, 7.5 m or 10 m). They are made of the place or run, depending on the settings of the jumper at the time of breaking the water surface and direction of rotation. Players jump both individually and in twos.