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  1. Entry BOSTON July 24, 2013


  3. Most people are not afraid of dying; they are afraid of not having lived. What frightens them the most is the dread of insignificance, the notion that we will be born and live and one day die and none of it will matter. People understand that the story of their lives has a beginning, a middle and an end. They desperately want to live long enough to get it right, feel worthwhile with their life, however long. • H. Kushner, Living a Life That Matters

  4. Purpose

  5. Entry plan should be completed by August at the latest • Your road map for gathering the data you need to be successful

  6. Why is Entry Important?

  7. Entry is the first step in defining your culture • Meeting with people who can give you insight into the school culture. Remember they know more than you do about the district. Your role is to listen, learn, and observe

  8. Entry gives you insight into: • The culture of the school • The core values of the school • The vision and mission of the school • Do the above match yours? • What questions will you ask to find out? • How do you think about change?

  9. What we learned last year • Even if you have been in your present school system for many years, you NEED to do an entry plan. • People see you differently once you are the superintendent.

  10. Questions to ask • What has gone well in the school? (what are the strengths?) • What does the school need to work on? • What do people think must be maintained at all costs? • What do you want to say about yourself? • Your role is to listen and take notes

  11. People you might meet with • Teachers • Your secretary • PTO presidents and other key parents • Central office administators

  12. Adaptive challenges Trust Relationships Integrity

  13. Need to meet with all individuals including those who are non supportive. Show them that you can listen Need to know what the culture is before you can know what to change

  14. Think very carefully about what you will say to the staff on opening day.

  15. Entry from a different perspective

  16. Life Balance • What you do the first year will determine the school committee’s and community’s expectations for the rest of your stay • MAKE TIME FOR YOUR FAMILY, YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS AND YOURSELF OR YOU WILL NOT BE HELPFUL TO ANYONE