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Stop motion timeline PowerPoint Presentation
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Stop motion timeline

Stop motion timeline

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Stop motion timeline

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  1. Stop motion timeline by Eleanor-rose woods

  2. King Kong (1933) • Very famous for its use of stop motion for the special effects in the film. • Special effects done by Willis H. O’Brien, very famous for his use of stop motion in films.

  3. Ray Harryhausen – Mighty Joe Young (1949) • His work was inspired by the work of Willis H. O’Brien. • Ray started making stop motion movies in his back garden from an early age using simple figures he made. • When Rays work became more known. He had an opportunity to work with Willis on another gorilla movie called “Mighty Joe Young”

  4. Jan Svankmajer (1964 & 1988) • Jan is famed for pushing the boundaries and challenging the conventional idea of what stop motion should be. He wanted to change the idea of what stop motion should and could be. Because of this, he got banned from making films between 1973 and 1980. • His first film was “the last trick” (1964) • His most famous work has got to be “Alice”(1988) a great and very unconventional adaptation of the well known story “Alice's Adventures In Wonderland”

  5. Vincent 1971 • This is the earliest known stop motion animation film made by Tim burton. • This was a stop motion animation made by Tim Burton when he was 21. • Tim Burton is famed for his use of stop motion animation in many of his films.

  6. Aardman studios 1976-now • The first stop motion animation that Peter Lord and David Sproxton (founders of Aardman) made was “morph” which was created in 1976

  7. The Quay Brothers (1984-1993) • The Quay Brothers are greatly inspired by the work of Jan Svankmajer. This is in terms of the creepiness and scariness in the characters they use and the style in which the characters move.

  8. Conversation pieces (1982) • This is another creation made by Aardman studios. • This enable Aardman to use stop motion techniques using puppets.

  9. Sledgehammer (1986) • In 1986 Aardman studios worked alongside Stephen Johnson the Quay Brothers to make a new rock music video, which went on to win many awards.

  10. Beetle juice (1988) • Beetle juice isn’t completely filmed as a stop motion animation, stop motion is used in this film as special effects.

  11. South Park (1992) • South Park was first made in 1992 by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This latter became one of the first internet viral videos. • this led to its production as a series in 1997. • The pilot episode was produced using cutout animation.

  12. Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) • Nightmare before Christmas was based on a poem that Tim Burton wrote. • The characters in the film were based on the drawings Tim drew. • Tim burton did not direct this film but he was a massive influence for the film and the style of the film looks very much like that of the style of Tim Burton because of the influence he had with the film.

  13. Wallace and Gromit (1993) • In 1993 Aardman studios made there first 30 minute film called “The Wrong Trousers” this started 2 very famous characters made by Aardman studios called Wallace and Gromit.

  14. James and the giant peach (1996) • This was a stop motion animation made by Tim Burton in 1996. • Tim burton directed this film because he was known for his quirky ways and the beauty of his films and it was felt that Tim Burtons style fit the magical story written by Roahl Dahl.

  15. Corpse Bride (2005) • This film is directed by Tim Burton. • Tim Burton is famed for using stop motion animation even though CGI is available for him to use. • All of Tim Burtons films seem to be based on a story or a poem and corpse bride is no exception. This film was inspired by a Jewish folk tale. • At the point that this film was made, stop motion has come such a long way and it is almost impossible to believe that the film is still a stop motion animation.

  16. Frankenweenie (2012) • Frankenweenie is the most recent stop motion animation film produced and directed by Tim Burton. • When Tim Burton was 22 he made his first short film called Frankenweenie. This film was not a stop motion animation. However when Tim Burton wanted to remake the film, he felt it only right to make it using stop motion animation, a technique of which he is famed for.