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Follow Up

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Follow Up

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  1. Follow Up Communication is key

  2. Call #1 • Before the Prospect Party • You want to write down what you are going to say • Name • calling about DeMolay • tell the prospect how you got their name and phone number • ask to talk the prospect directly, not his parents.

  3. Call #1, continued. • Talk about things other than DeMolay • School, Sports, clubs, tv, movies • Talk about things that they feel comfortable about, shows that we just like them. They don’t know about DeMolay and if DeMolay is all we talk about then they could get overwhelmed and lost and also you might feel more comfortable talking about other things. • Invite them to the prospect party, other events, just to hang out. • Remind them about date, time, and location of the prospect party.

  4. Call #1 continued • Give them websites to look up DeMolay:,, chapter website. • Tell them about Facebook, there are lots and lots of DeMolay groups on Facebookand Google+. Also if you are on Facebookand Google+, friend request them. • Mock Phone call

  5. After the Prospect PartyCall #2 • Contact no shows • A simple letter saying its ok • Invite them to an upcoming event • Explain they will be contacted at the next prospect party/open house.

  6. After the Prospect PartyCall #2 • Thank prospects • Verbally – Call them and invite to an upcoming event, make sure to plan plenty of events between the degrees and prospect party and after the degrees to get them acquainted and comfortable with us and so that he enjoys it and stays involved. • Membership retention just as important as recruitment. • Have 2 fun events a month • By letter – Simple letter saying, thanks for coming, especially those who did not show interest in joining

  7. After the Prospect Party • Collect applications • Do the investigations • Degrees • Try to have degrees 3 weeks after the prospect party • In this case you could have a holiday party, since the Degrees we have scheduled are January 31st, so a holiday party/open house in December. • Evaluation form • Members, advisors, prospects (that join), parents, if possible prospects who did not • How was the prospect party, their thoughts on DeMolay. Things they would like to see or do.

  8. Got to Keep it going. • Commit yourselves to trying it again • Check the database you made earlier for your first group of names • Begin the process all over again • Have prospect party every month, its not a one time thing. • Have events planned all the time, involve the prospects to keep them involved and interested especially if there is a significant time between the prospect party and the degrees. Keep the prospects/new members in the loop.