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  2. The Flagstaff USD is committed to supporting a professional growth process that provides wage advancement opportunities for certified staff. Approved coursework/trainings through the certified professional growth system will be applied to your 2019-2020 contract to increase your base pay. You can also take this opportunity to submit future trainings, in which you are seeking approval. We’re continuously working on improving and streamlining the Professional Growth Process, so we appreciate your patience and feedback.

  3. PROFESSIONAL STAFF DEVELOPMENT Salary Advancement Process Professional Growth Activities Definition:Professional growth activities must relate to current Arizona academic, professional educator or licensed professional standards; apply toward the attainment of an additional Arizona certificate, endorsement, or approved area; advance the profession through an educational leadership role; or be a requirement for the current job or extra-duty assignment. All activities must have taken place after hire and during the calendar year being processed (January 1st – December 31st). All activities must take place outside the contract day; alternatively, the staff member may use personal leave in order to receive credit. If you have already received another form of payment from the District (e.g., Title II, grant funding, stipend, 301, regular contract day, etc.), these compensated activities are not eligible for professional growth advancement. If submitted documentation does not make it clear why a given activity is relevant to the definition of professional growth, a written explanation to the Professional Growth Committee is encouraged.

  4. What do I turn in? How do I turn it in? • 1. Certificates or transcripts from True North Logic will automatically be downloaded into the system for payment, so do not submit these to HR. • 2. You will turn into HR, the Certified Submission Form for all professional trainings you completed outside of the True North Logic system. Remember to include AESOP reports to show you took personal leave if trainings were taken on contract time. For college/university coursework, be sure to submit official transcripts. • 3. Please turn in your Certified Submission Form and required documents to Human Resources by 4:00pm, January 31, 2019. Send it to us via intercampus mail or email is okay too. • 4. Pre-Approval Process: • For any upcoming professional growth activity where the employee is not certain if it would be approved, such activities can be submitted in advance to the Professional Development Coordinator for review and pre-approval by submitting the Certified Professional Growth Pre-Approval form. If a pre-approval request is denied, it will automatically be sent to the Professional Growth Committee for final review. The employee shall attach the pre-approval documentation with their Certified Submission Form. • Did you know that you can use True North Logic to capture all your professional development activities, even those taken outside TNL? If you have taken a course outside of TNL, you can add this to your TNL transcript. Simply submit the certificate of completion as well as the pre-approval notification to your TNL portal. Don’t forget to include your AESOP report to show personal leave taken, if attending trainings during contract time. (Please contact Dawn Trubakoff if you need more information on this process).

  5. Timeline • Submissions accepted January 1, 2019 and ending on January 31, 2019 @ 4:00pm. Only submit trainings taken outside of TNL. • February, 2019: Staff will receive notification of what they have in TNL and what that will pay. This will not include hours for trainings completed outside of TNL. Remember, you do not need to submit your TNL transcript or certificates to HR. • February, 2019: Committee meets to review submissions. Date TBD • February, 2019: Staff will be notified of status of items submitted, which are outside of TNL(i.e. approved or denied). • March, 2019: Appeal meeting. Staff will have an opportunity to re-submit any items not approved. Date TBD • April, 2019: Employees notified of final payment for professional growth. Date TBD

  6. Compensation 12 hours = 1 credit = $50. Credits are paid down to the hour. University course work is payable at 1 University credit to 1 Professional Growth credit (3 university course credits = $150.)

  7. Please reach out to Dawn or Wanda if you have questions or need clarification. Dawn Trubakoff – Professional Development Coordinator ( Wanda Billings-Reber HR Coordinator ( True North Logic questions: Lionel Dodge - Systems Administrator: