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Certified Sales Professional PowerPoint Presentation
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Certified Sales Professional

Certified Sales Professional

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Certified Sales Professional

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  1. Certified • Sales • Professional

  2. What is CSP? • An intensive three-day program • Structured for sales representatives • It teaches sales skills and time/territory management.

  3. CSP Instructors • Taught by professional instructors trained and accredited as CSP’s. • Each have successfully completed “train the trainer” courses in the CSP instruction.

  4. CSP Focus Three days of instruction, interaction, and role-play will energize attendees and increase their productivity and profitability.

  5. CSP for the Manufacturer • Manufacturers need support, too. While this occasional programming does not result in a certification, it does create manufacturers that understand how to best use their independent representative network. • The program addresses issues such as the value of outsourcing, guidelines for field/factory visits, trade shows, evaluating the relationship, and much more. 

  6. Introducing the Manufacturer's Program Value of Outsourcing Cost Analysis: Outsourced vs. Direct CSP for the Manufacturer Why?

  7. Beginning the Relationship Evaluate Prospective Agents Negotiate Contract Create the Team Together Support the Organization CSP for the Manufacturer Why?

  8. CSP for the Manufacturer • Getting the Most Out of the Relationship  • Planning the Business Year • Introducing New Products • Being an Effective RSM • Improving Field Calls, • Factory Visits and Trade Shows

  9. CSP for the Manufacturer • Understanding Your Competition • Using Advisory Councils • Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

  10. CSP for the Manufacturer • Evaluating the Relationship • Handling Line Conflict Guidelines • Evaluating the Rep Agency • Evaluating the Manufacturer

  11. My company requires us to take internal and external courses each year. The CSP seminar was by far the best.Frank Lilly, CSP – Lutron Electronics CSP Still not convinced? • In the 20+ years I have been in sales, this is by far the best sales program I have ever been to. It is well worth the time and money. Rick Roedell, CSP - Brainared Nielsen Marketing

  12. “I thought the class was very helpful and interesting. After returning to work I started using the information I learned immediately, without even thinking about it. Although the class was fairly intense, I would definitely do it over again. I believe the rewards will be great in the near future.”Jason Henry, CSP – Butler Supply Applying CSP techniques

  13. Applying CSP techniques “My experience with CSP was unique in that the examination part was an actual sales call!  We spent 2 days learning the finer points of high level selling using the consultative approach, then we were tested on it.  Every person who has a project, or solution oriented selling function will greatly benefit from this course.” Don Elfstrom, CPMR, CSP Kacey Enterprises, Inc.

  14. Position your company for tomorrow • Good Salespeople have to be quick to take advantage of their opportunities and manufacturers’ representatives must be the most resilient, resourceful, flexible, and fast-moving of all.

  15. Position your company for tomorrow • The professional field sales organizations survives and thrives, by strengthening its own core competency through adept management, investment in advanced technology to provide real-time information to vendors and customers. Above all, by bringing value at all levels in the supply chain.

  16. Managing your Manufacturers’ Representative Network-Who should attend • Regional sales mangers, especially those who have not previously worked with reps. • Corporate and divisional directors of sales and marketing who want to improve the effectiveness of their rep networks.

  17. Managing your Manufacturers’ Representative Network-Who should attend • Company presidents with direct involvement in rep recruitment and evaluation. • Financial officers responsible for maximizing sales force efficiency. • Other factory personnel that interface with the representative network and need to understand its role and function.

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