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Professional Sales PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Sales

Professional Sales

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Professional Sales

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  1. Professional Sales

    An Introduction
  2. Personal / Professional Selling Sales Promotions Advertising Direct Marketing Public Relations Traditional Marketing Mix Product Price Promotion Distribution
  3. What is Professional Selling? Professional selling is the interpersonal communication process in which a seller uncovers and satisfies the needs and wants of a prospect to the mutual, long-term benefit of both parties
  4. The Advantages of Personal Selling What are some of the advantages of personal selling? Flexibility and adaptability Less waste than with advertising Helps hold on to repeat customers Answers customers questions Immediate and clear feedback provided
  5. Limitations of Personal Selling Costs may be greater than advertising expenditures. Why? Many customers want self-service Poor image in many consumer's eyes
  6. Short term thinking Making the sale has priority over most other considerations Interaction between buyer and seller is competitive Salesperson is self-interest oriented Long term thinking Developing the relationship takes priority over getting the sale Interaction between buyer and seller is collaborative. Salesperson is customer-oriented Transaction-Focused vs. Relationship Focused Transaction-Focused Relationship-Focused
  7. Building Relationships Satisfied customers repeat their purchases because they are satisfied with the value of the relationship Taking care of existing customers reduces sales cycle time and increases efficiency. What does this mean?
  8. Word Association,…..

    Provide both positive and negative words and impressions of the term “salesperson”
  9. Why are there these perceptions?
  10. What’s Happening Pepsi Case Competition
  11. Selling,….. Selling has been around since there were goods to trade. The role of the salesperson has evolved . . . becoming more professional and structured. Salespeople play an important role in creating and maintaining a strong economy. Salespeople are solution providers (Advisors). Sales is a process focusingon initiating, developing, and enhancing customer relationships.
  12. Effective Selling in a HighlyCompetitive Selling Environment Salespeople must do their homework and prepare before meeting with prospects Study the market Study the prospects’ needs Put the customer first Engage in continuous learning and professional development
  13. Understanding the Customer To motivate the prospect to buy or consider a product or service salespeople must: Understand how their prospect’s mind works (a customer behaviour approach) Be able to uncover the prospect’s hidden needs or wants
  14. Ethical Dilemma
  15. AlternativePersonal Selling Approaches Stimulus Response Selling Mental States Selling Need Satisfaction Selling Problem Solving Selling Consultative Selling Adaptive Selling: the ability of a salesperson to alter his/her sales messages and behaviors during a sales presentation or as they encounter different sales situations and different customers.
  16. Stimulus Response Selling Simple indesign; assumes conditionedresponse improves likelihood of success; a risky and unreliable strategy.
  17. Mental States Selling Assumes buyercan be led through mental states; promotes one-way communication; a risky and unreliable strategy.
  18. Need Satisfaction Selling Interact with buyer to determine existing needs; present solutions to needs; solutions limited to seller’s products.
  19. Problem Solving Selling Interact with buyer to determine existing and potential needs; present multiple solutions not limited to seller’s products.
  20. Consultative Selling The process of helping customers reach their strategic goals by usingthe products, services, and expertise of the selling organization.