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Sales Professional Training

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Sales Professional Training

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  1. Sales Professional Training https://www.paramountplus.com.au/training/sales-professional-training/ Are you nearing your first day of work, both excited and afraid at the prospect of addressing different clients for the very first time? Are you a sales professional who simply attempts to become the absolute best on your craft? This training class is for you! We've designed this training module specifically to provide you with important skills and tips on how best to become a better sales professional both on basic and advanced levels, from the basics and psychology of body language to how to handle objections more effectively. If you are looking to supplement this Sales Professional Training class with other pertinent skills, then we can customise your training session to match your more specific needs. We have provided training for major insurance companies, car dealerships and retail outlets, and now is your opportunity to learn from our team of specialists. Contact us for further information! Objectives for this Sales Professional Coaching:  This training session will help teach employees how to:  Buying Signals- Increase your observation skills and read the signals customers are sending you  Body Language- Learn how to utilize to market effectively and to improve rapport  Negotiation Skill- Soft vs. Hard Negotiation is there a difference?The Sales Roles- What are they? We show you how to take on different roles within the sales process  Selling as a Professional Activity- Sales Professionalism is required for the next level of Sales  Buyers and Their Motivation- Emotions, External Buying influences that can change the process  Active Prospecting and Qualifying Prospects to improve on the traffic to your business  Sell Yourself- Confidence, Motivation, Comfort Zones can help personal accomplishment  Satisfying Needs- Fulfilling the basic needs of customers and meeting their expectations  Professional Sales Techniques- Skills for the professionals to advance their sales to the next level  Complaint Handling/Objections- Techniques and skills to deal and work with objections  Leadership- Helping clients decide yet leading the sales process to assist your customer feel comfortable  Value Added Selling: How story telling can increase the value of the Service or Product  Cross Selling and Up-selling to improve the Profit and Earnings Potential  Unique Selling Proposition (USP) How you can uniquely disconnect yourself from the competition Sales Professional Coaching Summary Being a Sales Professional involves mastery in many areas from knowing how to act and speak more effectively, drawing customers in and identifying oneself from several other individuals in your craft. This training class is designed to bring out the best possible sales professional in you and turn you into a formidable force in the free market. Even more, we have other training sessions that may address more of your team's needs. Contact our staff for more details. We create and customize training in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, and Perth. Contact our team for more Sales training choices or for a session to fit your team. We're here to help. Phone: 1300 810 725 Website: Additional Resourses: http://www.arcs.net.au/ http://communication.sitey.me/ https://www.ted.com/profiles/9375799

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