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Sales Training

Sales Training . Objectives. Explain the step by step process required when you receive an order for a Home Energy Score Explain how you can earn additional income through selling Spirit products Arm you with the knowledge you will need to become the sustainability expert in your area.

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Sales Training

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  1. Sales Training

  2. Objectives • Explain the step by step process required when you receive an order for a Home Energy Score • Explain how you can earn additional income through selling Spirit products • Arm you with the knowledge you will need to become the sustainability expert in your area

  3. History • Spirit Technologies, LLC-B is based in St. Louis Missouri • We are a nationwide corporation with Spirit Techs located throughout the United States. • Spirit Cleaners are cleaning products to sell along with Home Energy Scores

  4. What a Spirit Tech has to offer: • Home Energy Score • Spirit Rebates for energy efficient products • Spirit Cleaners

  5. Home Energy Score • The Home Energy Score is our “bread and butter”. • Following training every Spirit Tech is certified to complete Home Energy Scores anywhere in the United States of America.

  6. Spirit Rebates • Our rebate system is developed so that before you go to your appointments: • You will have available the very latest rebates in the customer’s zip code. • The rebates are unique and custom for each homeowner. Spirit Techs are the only people in the US providing this rebate program.

  7. Spirit Cleaners • We are releasing the first set of Spirit Cleaners to homeowners at the time of the Home Energy Score. • This will allow you to make substantially more money. • You will need to familiarize yourself with the product by watching the video made by the chemist that created the products. • You have a starter set of four cleaners to show the consumer when you arrive at the house.

  8. Let’s begin the process… • You will be “on-call” as a Spirit Tech. • It is important to market Spirit Technologies and the value of a Home Energy Score in your area. • Consumers will schedule a score via homescore.org. • Appointments are set for you daily, as consumers contact Spirit Techs • Appointments are set at 10:30 am, 1:30, 5:30 and 8:30 pm

  9. Step 1 • Your appointments are set 1 to 5 days in advance. • You must call the corporate office prior to 10pm at night to receive you appointments for the following day. If you do not call in, then your appointments will be given to someone else. • The next page is an example.

  10. Example: • Mrs. Jones goes to www.homescore.organd orders a Home Energy Score. She pays for the score up front. • You are assigned the appointment at 10:30am the next day. • We confirm the appointment prior to giving you the address and information. • You contact corporate sales 800# prior to 10pm and are given the name, address and phone number of Mrs. Jones. • You contact Mrs. Jones (at least one hour prior usually works best) and tell her you will be arriving at 10:30 am to complete the Home Energy Score on her home.

  11. Example continued… • You arrive at Mrs. Jones’ home. • You MUST wear your uniform (and please comb your hair) and show Mrs. Jones your name badge and give her a business card when you arrive. We always suggest giving her two cards – one for her, and one for a friend.

  12. Example continued… • You MUST call the office upon arrival. • YOU WILL NOT GET COMMISSION IF YOU DO NOT CALL THE SALES DEPARTMENT UPON ARRIVAL USING THEIR PHONE. • You call the 800# and say, “This is (your name) and I have arrived at Mrs. Jones’ home” • You will then be told to have her sign the liability release form & the sales division will tell you “we need a marketing family”

  13. Example continued… • Once you have called the office, we suggest you ask the customer a few questions to “break the ice”. • This could be one or several of the following: How long have you owned the home? (this verifies they are the homeowner and not renting) What do you do for work? (this verifies they are working and not unemployed)

  14. Sales Presentation… • The sales portion of the presentation begins here. The presentation is simple and sells itself. Sales experience is NOT necessary.

  15. Presentation • You will begin by either showing the sales presentation with audio, directing them to your website to show them the presentation, or by using your folder found in your case.

  16. cleaners • You should take the cleaners out of the bag and place them on the table. • Explain to the customer that you will begin completing the Home Energy Score in a few minutes.

  17. Presentation • You have now completed the presentation. • Call the sales office back. They will get the customer on the phone and ask if you were courteous, etc. and if they decided to purchase a yearly membership, will thank them. • If they did not purchase a membership we will make one last attempt to sell the membership over the phone to them.

  18. Commissions • Remember you will make an income for years to come from every membership you sell. Be friendly, but also remember not everyone will buy them.

  19. Final thoughts… • We will offer your customer the kit that you have at a discount and will “re-supply” you with a new show kit if they purchase over the phone. • This is our last effort to sell the cleaners. • You also have the option of selling the cleaners individually at the suggested price.

  20. Beginning to complete the score… • Leave the cleaners on the table and let the customer know you are going to begin the score. • Ask them to use the cleaners while you are gathering information. • Complete all forms for the Home Energy Score and fax to corporate for review. • Corporate will review, and issue the label.

  21. Completed. • We will ask you to attend weekly sales phone meetings to get your input, as well as learn more about our plans for you! • The next slide will show you your income from Mrs. Jones…

  22. Commission paid • Mrs. Jones purchased a Home Energy Score $199 paid up front How is that split? $159 paid to you as the Assessor $5 paid to charity $25 put into national advertising account $10 overhead for corporate HQ

  23. Commission paid, continued… • Mrs. Jones purchased a Spirit Techs membership • 1 year is $499 and includes: Spirit Rebates quarterly on energy efficient items Year’s supply of Spirit Cleaners 1 Home Energy Score – once repairs are made Commission $124.75

  24. Commission earned today • 124.75 + 159.00 $283.75

  25. More… • If you sell three memberships per day and complete 3 Home Energy Scores per day Your income is $851.25 per day Next year when Mrs. Jones renews her membership, then you will receive a residual check for $124.75, and every year after upon renewal

  26. One last thing… • Maybe your friends and family members or people you know want to purchase the Spirit Cleaners? • They can purchase these directly from SpiritTechs.com, or you can order at the “contractor pricing” from the employee portal and re-sell them at the recommended price.

  27. We want you to be successful! • We have everything you need to be successful. • Please attend the weekly sales calls and training we provide. Welcome to the family.

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