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Sales Training 2012

Sales Training 2012. Effective Communication, Negotiation and Selling Skills Training. Distributed By: Anchana Kanjana-Ampol. TRAINING PLAN OBJECTIVES. Communicate effectively Use various communication and listening techniques Present your product properly Negotiate effectively

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Sales Training 2012

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  1. Sales Training 2012 Effective Communication, Negotiation and Selling Skills Training Distributed By: AnchanaKanjana-Ampol

  2. TRAINING PLAN OBJECTIVES • Communicate effectively • Use various communication and listening techniques • Present your product properly • Negotiate effectively • Assess and read customer’s reaction • Understand the sales process • Ask the right questions to establish the needs

  3. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Focusing on business communication

  4. 9Effective Business Communication Tips • Set the goal Decide what it is you would like to happen as a result of your communication. • Think win-win Believe that everyone can win and constantly seek mutual benefit in all business interactions. • Listen activelyConcentrate on the speaker's message and keep an open mind.

  5. 9Effective Business Communication Tips • Give people time to digest a new idea Don't expect to "win" the first time. Your first job is just to start the other person thinking. • Be frank Don't be afraid to talk about failures but create feeling that failures are steps to success and part of organizational life. • Follow through If a promise is made or an agreement reached, follow it up.

  6. 9 Effective Business Communication Tips • Give positive feedback Positive feedback focuses on improvements – achieved or possible; creates trust and cooperation. • Connect personally Occasional face-to-face interactions give more weight to subsequent telephone conversations, e-mail messages, or memos. • Apply externally Ensure that good within-enterprise communication is carried over to outside parties like customers and suppliers.


  8. Negotiating: Winning in the Game of Business • Separate the Relationship with the People from the Substance of the Deal • Be hard on the deal, soft on the people • See the deal from inside their shoes • Make your proposal consistent with their value

  9. Negotiating: Winning in the Game of Business • Focus on Shared Values and Interests, but not on the Positions Each Side Takes • Values define the deal • Each side has multiple interests – be clear on yours, discover theirs

  10. Negotiating: Winning in the Game of Business • In Stuck, Brainstorm Options for Mutual Benefit • Be creative, think outside the box • Identify shared interest

  11. Negotiating: Winning in the Game of Business • Use Objective Criteria for Decision-Making • Strike a deal based on principle, not pressure • Agree on fair standards and procedures • Frame issues as a collaborative quest


  13. Planning for Success “A battle well prepared is half won” • A thorough product knowledge • Knowing your enemy very well • Pre-decided number of sales calls everyday

  14. Working Your Way to Sales • Having the right mind-set/right attitude • Your appearance/Dress up for success means your confidence • Well-shaped face – must have a fresh look • Shirt and trousers – must be well ironed • Shoes – must be well shined • Waist belt and shoes – must have the same color • Wear fragrance/No foul odor

  15. Your timing… “Right timing can mean the difference between success and failure” • Never push to talk to a busy customer • Ask the prospective for the best time to meet • Give the people gift of their time – try to consume as little time as possible

  16. Using the Right Sales Pitch • Have more than one colored balls in your bag of tricks • Talk should reflect confidence and care • Listening more and talking less • Get customer’s feedback • Try to catch more on how (the way) something is said rather than what is being said • Never belittle/demean competition’s product

  17. Observe Client’s Nature to Adjust Your Sales Pitch • Complaintful • Demanding • Soft spoken • Argumentative • Half – convinced • Etc.

  18. Handling Difficult Customers • Listening more is the key • Talking less is the key • Don’t communicate anything that you are not sure of • When in doubt in front of them seek time or simply say than to give wrong information • Whether the answer is YES or NO don’t let your politeness go

  19. Strategies and Techniques that Help Improve Sales Abilities: • A laser focus on service can become a small business owner’s most powerful sales tool. • Use the knowledge you have about what you sell to your advantage. • Weave the company’s unique story into your sales pitch, and include anecdotes or testimonials that bolster your reputation.

  20. How do you gain credibility in selling? The four building blocks of sales credibility are 4Cs: • Competence: Become an absolute expert in your chosen field. Work daily to improve your performance and knowledge of your business. • Confidence: This comes from knowing that your product or service is an outstanding solution for your buyers. • Commitment: If you are the primary sales person for your business, you must commit yourself to the selling profession as part of what you do. • Character: Honesty, integrity and a sense of fairness are crucial for long-term sales success

  21. The techniques of selling can be summarized in 4 key behaviors… • Control what you say and ask • Analyze what you hear • Spend your time efficiently • Handle stress effectively C.A.S.H

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