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SolarNexus Sales Training

SolarNexus Sales Training

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SolarNexus Sales Training

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  1. Sales Training

  2. Your Home Screen…You land here after logging in Manually add a new lead Bulk import leads from CSV file Edit your profile information After reading, click here to minimize the area. It will open next time there is new information. Here you’ll see notifications of assignments and relevant milestone completions When SolarNexus has new information to share, you’ll see it here... Help / Profile / Logout / Search (accessible from any screen) Below your Notifications are your assigned milestones and links to their projects. When you complete a milestone, it is removed from your list. Click here to open the project… Delete notifications once you are aware of them. Quick links to your most recently visited leads / projects

  3. Sales Screen – Tracks Leads & Sales Opportunities 1) Add leads to the system… 2) Filter and sort list to see what you want… 3) Work with leads & opportunities… 4) Find something specific… Salespersons may only see their assigned leads/opportunities. Sales Managers and Administrators may see all. Bulk import leads from CSV file Click here to log notes on customer interactions Enter new lead manually Filter on one or more aspects… Type customer name or address (even partial), click Search Click a column header to sort list by its value Click Contact Name to see all customer contact information Sales Managers can assign leads by directly selecting a user here Update the stage of customer interaction Click Lead/Project to open it.

  4. Administrators can customize lead entry fields… Devise a scheme for prioritizing on a scale from 1 to 5 Create lead sources in your own categories Devise a scheme for describing the types of project work you do Devise a scheme for describing latest stage of customer interaction

  5. New Lead Entry The person entering the lead is auto populated as the owner. User should specify the lead source. To be a valid lead, must have either a phone number or an email address. An address is not required for the lead, but very little can be done without a Site address (e.g. no energy use can be defined). Project name is auto-completed using customer name. User can manually edit it to reflect your own naming convention. Select “Save” to go to the Project Info screen. Select “Save & Add Energy Service” to go to the Energy Use screen.

  6. On creation of new lead… • You will enter the “Project Workspace” view • If a site address was provided, a Google map image will be popped in a separate browser window (user can disable this behavior in his Profile settings) • EITHER “Project” OR “Energy Use” screen will appear in Edit mode within the Project Workspace, ready to input data

  7. Project Screen (if you clicked “Save” on lead form) • Required fields are starred *. • Additional fields below. • Admin can add custom fields. • Good customer qualification data. Toggle between windows (Alt-Tab in Windows, Apple-Tab in Mac)

  8. Energy Service and Consumption View or Edit. Only use when quoting solar hot water Varies city to city. Default populated from Project Settings Three options, best is to input actual billing data Informational only. Use as qualification criteria. Values based on site zip code

  9. Tour of the Project Workspace Log of notes on participant interactions, other info Project log is chronological, including who entered the info Intra-project navigation Project name View /Upload documents associated with the project. Contact info for customer, financier, subcontractor, or other participants Basic project information Manage project milestones. Add users to the project.

  10. Site tab • Use for capturing detailed site survey data and photos • Can use a tablet in the field (e.g. iPad) • Optional / Can use at any time in process • Can be hidden if your company won’t use it

  11. Qualified? • You must complete the “Lead Qualified” milestone to create a quote. • User your own company’s criteria to determine if its qualified. Click here to complete the qualified milestone SolarNexus prompts you… Click here, Or

  12. Add a Solution Select solution template. • Solutions are what you sell. • Choose a pre-defined solution template. Description helps to make selection. Optionally input description of this customer’s solution. It can be used as a brief description in the customer proposal. You can add/edit this text later. SolarNexus prompts you. Click here.

  13. Solutions Each solution has… Energy systems (PV, Solar Thermal, Efficiency Measures) A project may contain more than one solution, allowing you to provide multiple solution option quotes. An Analysis of energy and financial benefits Document Outputs (proposals, contracts, etc) A Price

  14. If Solution template does not define a PV System… • You will need to add the system yourself… SolarNexus prompts you to select a module (A system may only have one type of module) SolarNexus prompts you to select an inverter (A system may more than one type of inverter. Each array can only feed one inverter) Select a module from your Company Catalog (admin creates this list) Use search to quick find a manufacturer or model Click to add PV system…

  15. Edit PV System SolarNexus creates first array, you need to edit it… Use external tools to determine PV system’s configuration (module qty and inverter string configuration) Input monthly shading derate factors If available, you can upload Solmetric CSV file for the array Click “Save” at the bottom. SolarNexus provides feedback messages in green… Provide a meaningful name… Select the average standoff of the modules from the installation surface Input the Azimuth Use the provided Solmetric site evaluator to measure the azimuth Select the type of installation

  16. If solution template already defines a PV system… • You may need to edit the PV system’s configuration (module quantity, string configuration, inverter model) Add arrays or inverters… Input orientation by editing the array(s) Change inverter by clicking edit

  17. Pricing the solution • Multiple options for pricing. Options include: • Pricing model is built in SolarNexus using cost items, and markups • Pricing is determined in a separate system, you just input the dollar amount. • Pricing is determined by a $ / Watt, you input that rate • Your administrator determines the option. • Solution template includes the pricing option

  18. If using cost items, must synch module and inverter quantities with cost items… Click here, or click on Price tab… Select proper cost item group

  19. Price Screen Regardless of pricing method, click Edit… Go to Price screen

  20. Review and adjust all selections to reflect this solution and site’s conditions (Pricing automatically adjusts based on administrator’s defined cost variations) Pricing using Cost Items Review and adjust all quantities to reflect this solution and site’s conditions (note – many items quantities update automatically) Adjust rate (if required) (A default sales tax rate can be set in Project Settings.) Adjust as desired (A default and maximum rate can be set in Project Settings.) Select discounts, input adjustments (Discounts defined in Project Settings) Input permit fees (SolarNexus will pre-populate if Admin defines AHJ and fees)

  21. Pricing using input from external source Input total dollar amount, or $/Wstc (includes sales tax. Solution template may have a default $/Wstc rate) Select discounts / adjustments (if applicable) Input permit fees (SolarNexus will pre-populate if Admin defines AHJ and fees)

  22. Running the Analysis Review analysis input parameters in this left column , particularly finance mechanism and incentives. There should be defaults set Project Settings for all inputs Review Analysis results in right column. At bottom you can view graphs of results. On clicking Analysis tab, SolarNexus will prompt for post-project electric tariff Click Analyze button at bottom…

  23. Generate Proposal Document Documents are generated from pre-created templates. If solution template has a sales proposal template specified, then this is pre-selected, else you would have to select from a list. Click here If changes are needed to the PV system, or price, or analysis inputs, you should re-run the analysis and then regenerate the proposal using the refresh icon shown here… Always have to provide a name. This will be the filename for the PDF you create. Your company should have a naming convention. New document is displayed in list. Click on its name to open the PDF. Note – document is also listed in the Documents section of the Management Panel List of documents generated for this solution

  24. Deliver the Proposal • Once you deliver a sales proposal to a customer, you want to be sure not to lose what you proposed. • In SolarNexus, you complete the “Proposed” milestone for a solution. • Completing the “Proposed” milestone makes the solution read only. You are not allowed to change: • System configuration • Price • Analysis • If you need to make a new revised proposal to the customer, “Clone” the solution to create a copy that you can edit.

  25. After delivering the proposal… Mark as “Proposed” by clicking here Or mark as “Proposed” by clicking here… Clone solution by clicking here. Navigate between solutions here.

  26. Making or losing the sale Complete “Sold” milestone here… Or here… Remove a lost sales opportunity by clicking here… Note that proposed solution is read only …

  27. Questions?

  28. For More Information General Info www.solarnexus.com marketing@solarnexus.com (510) 842-7875 Michael Palmquist Vice President, Product Management & Development mpalmquist@solarnexus.com

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