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Marsing Sales training

Welcome. Marsing Sales training. Greve 15. april 2008. Today’s program. DiSC. Feedback on DiSC What are you going to do… Top 5. What creates succes?. Motivation + Energy = Results. Attitude. You become your thoughts. Are you aware

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Marsing Sales training

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  1. Welcome Marsing Sales training Greve 15. april 2008

  2. Today’s program

  3. DiSC • Feedback on DiSC • What are you going to do… Top 5

  4. What creates succes? Motivation + Energy = Results

  5. Attitude

  6. You become your thoughts Are you aware That every time you think and talk in a negative way, it affects your life quality That both positive and negative behavior has an impact on your environment That being discontented drains both you and your environment of energy

  7. You become your thoughts While positive thoughts Give you the strength to act and think in a constructive way Give you energy, trustworthiness and powerful influence Battle stress and a bad physical work invironment

  8. Remember Your attitudes are reflected in your behavior

  9. Personal skills How fast do you read your customer?

  10. Communication barriers Filter Filter

  11. The 4 x 20 rule 20 The first 20 seconds 20 The first 20 words 20 The first 20 steps 20 The upper 20 cm of your face

  12. Tree of success

  13. Individually 20 min

  14. Before making the first call What does the customer expect from you?

  15. The customers expectation to you 1 2 10 min 4 3

  16. We have heard from our customers: • That you are professional • That you are well prepared • That you understand the customer’s Map of the World • That you can discuss other things than your product • That you are the expert • That you take responsibility • That you know development in advance • That you follow up

  17. You get what you focus on!

  18. Is it necessary to prepare yourself? YES!

  19. The professional customer meeting • How do you prepare yourself? Facts Fantasy What do you know? - - - What do you think? - - - -

  20. Industry Important, focus on, benefit Name Import Address Future business development Export New product Number of employees What do you know – what do you think? FACTS FANTASY

  21. Why does your customer Buy from you? 15 min. Ask them?

  22. Jesper – Supply guarantee • José – Convenience • Lissie – Quick response • Eva – Good service- good price • Virgile – Good service in the past • Manoush – Availability • Christian – Delivery on time/relationship • Carsten – Good network – Solve their problems – Warehousing –Trustworthness – Good service –Quick response – Open towards contracts – Flexible – Partnering – Carsten himself – Market information – product knowledge – Brainstorming • David – Trust – Competence – Audit service.

  23. Marsings top 5 • Problem solving • Service • Supply • Experience • Business partner

  24. Segmentation Who are your most Important customers?

  25. How do you attract new customers today?

  26. What characterizes your best customers?

  27. Answer these three questions 1 2 20 min 4 3

  28. Do you know your competitors? Page 25

  29. Knowing your competitors 1 2 10 min 4 3

  30. Letters Name Company Address Header Attention: Why are you writing? Benefit: What’s in it for the customer Close: What is the next step?

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