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HP Certified Professional Program PowerPoint Presentation
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HP Certified Professional Program

HP Certified Professional Program

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HP Certified Professional Program

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  1. HP Certified Professional Program February 3rd, 2003

  2. Your way to success HP Certified Professional

  3. “HP is launching a unified global certification program, aimed to be the best in the industry to enhance your differentiation as a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional.” Hewlett Packard Feb 3rd 2003 HP Certified Professional

  4. HP Certified Professional • A single worldwide certification program serving all audiences - all job roles including sales, services and support • The new certifications will be incorporated in HP’s reseller and service authorization requirements • Investments in pre-merger certifications will be preserved Choose the fast lane! HP Certified Professional

  5. How will you migrate into the new program? HP Certified Professional

  6. certified systems engineer E L E C T I V E S certified system administrator Migration of pre-merger programs HP Certified Professional salescertifications presales consultantcertifications integrationcertifications operating systemcertifications Compaq Technical Credentials Compaq & HP Certified Technical Credentials HP Partner Sales Credentials HP Partner Technical Credentials master accreditedsystems engineer accreditedsystems engineer accreditedsales consultant AIS accreditedpresales consultant accreditedintegration specialist accreditedpresales professional accreditedsales professional accreditedplatform specialist HP Certified Professional

  7. Migration strategy for individuals • Without any additional requirements • If previous skills requirements were 90% consistent with the new skills requirements • Complete a continuing certification requirement • If previous skills requirements were 75% consistent with the new skills requirements • Complete a defined migration path • If previous skills requirements were less than 75% consistent with the new skills requirements • Existing certifications are valid until expiration *Details differ on a regional and country level HP Certified Professional

  8. What are the launch milestones? HP Certified Professional

  9. Certification drives business to you HP Certified Professional

  10. Value for individuals • Enhances your creditibility, increases your competency and capability • Advances your job security, as companies look for certification when selecting candidates • Validates your skills with certification Market research indicates certified individuals deploy technologies more effectively and attain a higher level of productivity HP Certified Professional

  11. Value to organizations • Provides a comprehensive skills development framework • Ensures staff are up-to-date with knowledge, tools and resources • Increases the competitive advantage • Reduces cost of support • Minimizes time to solution • Improves employee satisfaction • Ensures customer satisfaction HP Certified Professional

  12. Extend your reach HP Certified Professional

  13. Privileged network around the world • Connection with a ww community • Access to NDA information • Priority hotline support • First hand exchange with experts • Exclusive tools supply • Access to beta and seed programs • Priority registration and promotions • Brand value and recognition HP Certified Professional

  14. How to become an hp certified professional? HP Certified Professional

  15. HP Certified Professional • Regional and country program offices remain your dedicated point of contact • For further details refer to: HP Certified Professional