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Fiesta Lesson Plans PowerPoint Presentation
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Fiesta Lesson Plans

Fiesta Lesson Plans

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Fiesta Lesson Plans

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  1. Fiesta Lesson Plans • Save the PowerPoint template to the student directory. First remove this instruction slide. • During the reading of the book to the class, the teacher will complete the alphabet slides with students. Save. • Students should then open the template and save to their personal directories. • The “During Fiesta” slide will then be done on an individual basis. The students will list at least three things that they like or would like to do during Fiesta. • On the last slide, compare the celebrations of Fiesta and Fourth of July. Have students type next to the star to note similarities and differences. • There is a rubric on the last slide if you want to use it.

  2. Fiesta Lesson Plans – Extensions • The students can then be directed to open Kidspiration and complete a web of the different events that happen during Fiesta, as well as the reasons that we celebrate Fiesta. They may also color the events that they have attended in a different color. This may be done as a class or individually. This may be printed out if desired. • The students may also open an additional Kidspiration and web their ideas of how Fiesta shows American’s love of freedom, individualism, and inventiveness.

  3. FIESTA !!!!! Based on the book: Fiesta from A to Z : the ABC's of San Antonio's celebration by Linda Sulser and Jeanne Schaefer Name: 1.2(B) compare the observance of holidays and celebrations, past and present 1.13(D) explain how selected customs, symbols, and celebrations reflect an American love of individualism, inventiveness, and freedom

  4. F is for flowers • Brightly colored flowers have always been an important part of FIESTA. We even decorate the Battle of Flowers floats with *

  5. H is for heroes • Fiesta is San Antonio’s celebration to remember the men and women who helped win freedom for * .

  6. K is for kings • The two kings that reign over San Antonio help to raise money for good things. They also visit schools and other places. One King’s name is King *

  7. P is for parades • During Fiesta there are three major parades. The Battle of * Parade, the Texas Cavaliers’ River Parade and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade.

  8. W is for women • At the first Fiesta in 1891, women drove decorated horse-drawn carts around Alamo Plaza and threw real * at each other to symbolize the Battle of the Alamo. This is why it is called the Battle of Flowers Parade.

  9. During FIESTA these are the things I like to do:

  10. Compare Fiesta to Fourth of July * * *