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  1. Research

  2. State overview.. Where are we? Direct Domestic Expenditures up 5.6 % to $18.6 from $17.7 in 2006 Direct International Expenditures up 12.2% to $1.5 from $1.3 Total Direct Expenditures up 5.8% to $20.2 from $19.13 Total Economic Impact -direct, indirect and induced reached $34.1 billion in 2007

  3. Other Important Figures 4.1 6.5 3.5 2.2 Jobs: 241,800 Payroll: $6.9 billion State tax:$844 million Local tax: $567 million Total tax benefit with International = $ 1.5 billion

  4. So what’s …

  5. Tourism Satellite Account • The standard has been adopted by over fifty countries around the world. • The TSA deals with the challenge of measuring tourism in two important ways: 1. Defines the tourism economy 2. Provides methodology for calculating tourism GDP in a way that is consistent with economic accounts • The TSA allows for true comparisons of tourism to other industries. The measures are consistent with the way other industries are measured, includes construction costs and capital investment • The TSA provides greater detail.  Full detail of economic contribution by industry shows the composition of tourism.  Detail on supporting industries shows how non-tourism industries benefit from tourism activity • The TSA is more comprehensive. By including all spending both by and on behalf of travelers, the TSA provides a complete picture of the demand and thus the supply related to tourism in the state • The TSA is more credible. By utilizing the international standard for measuring tourism’s economic contribution, the TSA approach garners credibility. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis utilizes this standard, thus providing a national benchmark

  6. ROI (Return on Investment)

  7. Statewide TSA Findings?

  8. GOOD NEWS!!! • Direct demand of $28.5 billion generated $45.6 billion in business sales – indirect and induced impact • Sustained 400,000 jobs = 9.8% of all employment • $2.4 billion in State and local taxes and $3.2 billion in Federal taxes

  9. The direct contribution of the core tourism industry was 241,760 jobs in 2007. This narrow measurement of tourism includes only those jobs directly supported by visitor activity and allows for inter-industry ranking. • On this basis, tourism is the 5th largest employer in the state of Georgia. Business Day

  10. Where are we for 2008 ?

  11. Hotel demand is down 5.2% from 2007 Hotel revenue is down 2.7% from 2007 Despite this trend hotel construction is up 34% International visitation is up 10% Georgia was ranked 9th in 2007 for in bound International travel and currently ranked 8th Online travel guide requests are up 24% Highlights

  12. Group Tour Projects

  13. Peach Greet Program an initiative of the group sales and VIC’s is in the process of being launched YTD FY09 - 245 motorcoaches have visited a VIC Ringgold has tracked the most groups with close to 100 groups Total of 12,382 passengers YTD October had the largest number with 89 groups 3,728 passengers in the month of October Visitor Information Centers

  14. Subscribing to motorcoach catalogs to see what companies are carrying Georgia product Survey being sent to various motorcoach operators to help get a better understanding of the market and ways in which partners can work with operators. Tracking

  15. 1. Do your tours feature Georgia as a destination or part of tour packages? ________ 2. Do your brochures feature Georgia? ______________________________________ 3. What cities in Georgia are included in your itineraries as destinations or pass through? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 4. How many tours do you book to Georgia per year? __________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 5. Do any of your itineraries overnight in Georgia? ____________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 6. What percentage of your tours are daytrip/ overnight? ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 7. How many itineraries feature Georgia? ____________________________________ 8. What travel regions in Georgia are featured? a) Atlanta Metro b) Northeast Georgia Mountains c) Georgia Coast d) Classic South e) Historic Heartland f) Magnolia Midlands g) Historic High Country h) Plantation Trace i) Presidential Pathways Survey

  16. 9. Do your tours visit Georgia seasonally? If so, what percentage come to Georgia: Summer: ___________________________ Fall: _______________________________ Winter: ____________________________ Spring: ____________________________ 10. Do your tour packages cater to any special interests? a) Cultural b) Festivals and Events c) Fall Foliage d) Family e) Garden f) Heritage/ History/ Museums g) Music h) National Parks i) Soft Adventure j) Theaters k) Volunteerism l) Holidays m) Mystery n) Hopping o) Other: _______________________ Survey

  17. 11. What special interest travel groups do you cater to? a) Student b) Church Groups c) Heritage d) Specific Interest e) Other: ______________________________ 12. Have any of the following economic factors had an affect on business? a) Cost of gasoline b) Strength of U.S. dollar c) Overall economy challenges d) Other: _______________________________ 13. Have you experienced an increase in demand for any particular visitor origins? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 14. What is your largest market segment? ____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 15. Did any of your key markets perform better or worse than usual? ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ 16. What percentage of customers are: a) Students (under 21) __________________________ b) Young Adults (22‐38) _________________________ c) Baby Boomers (39‐59) ________________________ d) Seniors (60+) _______________________________ Survey

  18. 17. Which expenditures are included in the total cost of travel packages: (if yes, please indicate dollar amount estimates) a) Food and Beverages __________________________ b) Lodging ____________________________________ c) Admissions or Attractions _____________________ d) Incidentals __________________________________ 18. About how much do you charge per person? (daytrip/overnight) ______________ 19. Are the facilities and parking for motor coaches in Georgia adequate or inadequate? If inadequate, please give details. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 20. Can you identify any areas that should be addressed? _______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 21. Can you identify any new trends or interest in travel that Georgia should be looking to develop as a destination or feature? _____________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 22. What helps drive Georgia as a destination? a) Events ________________________ b) Marketing _____________________ c) Cost __________________________ d) Demand _______________________ 23. Do you utilize online information resources in your group tour business? a) Research _____________________ b) Bookings _____________________ c) Marketing ____________________ d) Promotions ___________________ Survey

  19. New subscription to Tour Operator Online Reports City Data Page: Shows each tour operator's FIT and/or Group hotels as published in its brochure or website; what country the tour operator is located; the secondary sort is the name of the Tour Operator; the hotels;what's the major market from which this operator derives most of its business - Adventure, Dive, Golf, Leisure, Motorcoach, Religious Motorcoach, Ski, Sport, or Wildlife. Group Itinerary Page: Here you will find very detailed information regarding the itinerary of each included group operator: Start State and City for the group, End State and City, Operator's Name, Group Name, # of scheduled departures, date(s) of the departures, # of overnights for each group, the days of the week on which each group overnights in the indicated city, the name of the city, the number of nights the group stays in this city, the sequential number of nights of the entire itinerary inwhich the group stays in this city, the name of the hotel in which the group stays, the previous overnight city and the following overnight city - this is provided so that even if the group is not staying in your city you can still determine the general "straight line" of travel from last night to tomorrow night - this will let you see if your city is a potential "tonight" overnight city for this group. 2008 T-OO-L REPORTS

  20. TOOL results • City Data-Total of 425 respondents example: numbers varied from 1 ( Waycross) to 118 (Savannah) • Detailed Itineraries featuring Georgia Product -307 • Surrounding state comparison 621 314 54 307 158 54

  21. National Trends

  22. NTA

  23. NTA Special Interest is on the rise • Culinary up 31% • Holiday Travel up 35% • Historic and Heritage up 23% • Garden Tours up 20% • Spectator Sports up 34% • Agricultural tours up 72% Demographics • 92% serve senior market (60 +) • 82% serve leading-edge boomers (51-59) • 72% serve trailing edge boomers (39-50) • 49% serve student market • 43% serve Gen X market (21-38) • 55% said in-bound international increased- emerging countries – Greece;India and China

  24. ABA

  25. ABA • 2008 has the motorcoach industry at a historic growth pace- taking advantage of the opportunities .. glass is ½ full approach rather than ½ empty • Outlook for 2009 is good growth is expected to continue- continue to use the economy, greening trend to their advantage( save a penguin campaign) • Newer younger demographic find traveling green on a bus as the “ cool thing to do”- I-pod hook up, flat screen tv’s, personal climate control, reclining seats, other amenities with the added perk of shrinking their carbon footprint • Take an educational marketing approach • Involved with lobbying approach and working closely with the transition team • New research project by DePaul University shows that Intercity bus ridership surged to record levels between the fourth quarters of 2007 and 2008, as scheduled intercity bus departures rose 9.8 percent in that time period. Routes such as Boston to NY were highlighted. • Finalizing the Impact of the Motorcoach Industry expect a double digit increase estimated scheduled trips up 13-16%

  26. Trends, tips, ect.

  27. Trends, tips, ect. Understand your market Charlie Presley, President of the Group Leaders of America at a recent meeting “Groups are the growth segment in the travel industry and will continue to travel. They are least affected by economic down turn” “ 65 senior traveling today has 18 years of life expectancy and will travel until the age of 83. .. “ This is a new senior on group tours and they will be the bread and butter of the travel industry for the next 20 years” “The fact is most seniors own their own home with no mortgage and have been mostly unaffected by the banking crisis as well as drops in the stock market” He also mentioned the mass growth of the 55 plus market as boomers become seniors… all indicators are that the senior market will continue to grow and become the largest age sector of America in the next 10 years.

  28. Trends, tips, ect. Understand your market needs Kristi Shirer of Lone Star Travelers “” We don’t do tourist trap tours. We love the little, family businesses” “ They have journeyed to all but 5 states and have taken many day trips for those unable to enjoy long -distance tours. “ I hope those little mom and pop places make sure they have websites. It’s the only way we can find out about them” Marketing to cover niche markets – varied itineraries- ink never dries online- group tour guide

  29. Get involved • ABA and OMCA will launch 2010, a group travel booking website • ABA Top 2009 100 Events in North America • putting more funding behind this • Nomination process begins in late March- details on the website • Macon Cherry Blossom Festival • Fantasy in Lights- Pine Mountain (Callaway Garden’s) • COOP’s- apply for .. Participate in • Sponsorship and other partnership opportunities