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  1. Text Study Pre-readingActivities Writing Skills Summary S e c t i Section A o n A D e Deep e p C New Horizon English o n Concern c e r n

  2. Pre-reading Activities Background Information Compound Dictation Watch & Discuss Text Writing Summary Home

  3. N H C E 复合听写 视频讨论 Background Information Definition ofGeneration Gap Generation gap is a popular term used to describe wide differences in cultural norms between the younger generation and their elders. It can be defined as “the lack of understanding between older and younger people because of their different experiences, opinions, habits and behaviour.”

  4. N H C E 复合听写 视频讨论 Background Information History of the Term : Generation Gap (1) The term first came into prominence in Western countries during the 1960s, and described the cultural differences between the Baby Boomers and their parents. Although some generational differences have existed throughout history, during this era differences between the two generations grew significantly in comparison with previous times, particularly with respect to

  5. N H C E 复合听写 视频讨论 Background Information History of the Term : Generation Gap (2) such matters as musical tastes, fashion, drug use, and politics. The disparity may have been magnified by the unprecedented size of the young Baby Boomer generation, which gave them unprecedented power, influence, and willingness to rebel against social norms.

  6. N H C E 背景知识 视频讨论 Compound Dictation You will hear a passage three times. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks numbered from S1 to S8 with the exact words you have just heard. For blanks numbered from S9 to S11 you are required to fill in the missing information. For these blanks you can either use the exact words you have just heard or write down the main points in your own words. Now listen to the passage.

  7. N H C E 背景知识 视频讨论 Compound Dictation Previously happy parents found themselves scorned (被嘲笑) by their young rebels, who [S1]_______ them of being too concerned with money and too anxious to impress the neighbors. “True [S2] ______,” the young people explained, “is not a matter of money or [S3] _______. It’s a matter of self-fulfillment. Most parents found it hard to accept their children’s [S4] _______. They themselves had been brought up to respect [S5] _________ values; accused success position attitude traditional To be continued

  8. N H C E 背景知识 视频讨论 Compound Dictation They had also learned to respect money because it was [S6] _____ during their teenage years. They had married in the late 1930s or early 1940s, at a time when it was [S7] ________ again and again that an unhappy childhood produces emotionally [S8] ________ adults. [S9] ___________________________, therefore, _______________________________________. scarce explained disturbed A married couple’s first duty was to think of their children’s happiness To be continued

  9. N H C E 背景知识 视频讨论 Compound Dictation On the other hand, while Mom and Dad were making sacrifices, [S10]________________________________________________________, and to grow up into adults that parents can be proud of. [S11] __________ _____________________________________________________. they expected their children to obey the rules of “nice” behavior These were precisely the ideas that the young rebels of the 1960s rejected

  10. N H C E 背景知识 复合式听写 Watch & Discuss Directions: Watch the video and then discuss the topics as follows: • What does the generation gap refer to? Sample 2. How do you bridge the gap between your parents and you? Sample Video Watching

  11. N H C E 背景知识 复合式听写 Watch & Discuss • It refers to differences between two generations in their views on the world. • The older generation emphasizes devotion to • society while the younger one thinks more about • the realization of individual value. • 2) The older generation sticks to its experience- • based beliefs while the younger one clings to • alternative ideas. • 3) The older generation believes young people are • too young to see through things whereas the • younger one thinks the elders’ ideas are too old to • keep up with the times.

  12. N H C E 背景知识 复合式听写 Watch & Discuss For me, the ideal way of filling up the gap between my parents and me is to show enough respect for them when I exchange my feelings with them. And this turns out to help me reason them into understanding and sharing my view on the topic concerned. It’s not easy of course. Actually it takes me time and energy to make it real. But all the hard work finally pays off. It rewards me with a family full of harmony and freedom.

  13. 1 3 Text Study New Words Structure & Main Ideas 2 Text Reading Writing Home Pre-reading Summary

  14. N H C E New Horizon English Writing Home Pre-reading Summary New Words and Expressions Focus Study A mini-test Structure Text Reading

  15. Mini-test N H C E Translation Key e.g. Focus Study— Word Using 1. stuff n. thing or group of things What’s that green stuff at the bottom of the bottle? 那个商店被盗窃了,许多东西都不见了。 The shop was burgled and a lot of stuff was stolen.

  16. Mini-test Translation Key Focus Study— Word Using 2. as usual in the way that has often happened before 像往常一样,周二下午要开会。 As usual, there will be a meeting on Tuesday after-noon.

  17. Mini-test e.g. Focus Study— Word Using 3. disgusting adj. unpleasant; completely unacceptable • It tastes disgusting!尝起来真恶心! • It is disgusting that we girls have to do all the • heavy work!

  18. Mini-test e.g. Use it Tips Focus Study— Word Using 4. bug v. annoy or worry sb. It bugs him that he’s not as successful as his brother. What bugs you the most after you come to the university? food; climate; studying methods; …

  19. Mini-test Focus Study— Word Using 5. wear v. How many things can you wear? What are they? √ √ √ jewelry (necklace, etc.) clothes shoes √ glasses/contact lenses (隐形眼镜)

  20. Mini-test Focus Study— Word Using 5. wear v. She wears her hair long. 她留着长头发。 She wears her hair in a long braid. 她把头发编成辫子。 hair √ √ beard He wore a full moustache.

  21. Mini-test wear a smile You can even on your face! Focus Study— Word Using 5. wear v. √ wear makeup √ Then how about perfume?

  22. Mini-test Collocation Focus Study— Word Using 6. offensive adj. causing offence; unpleasant remark 冒犯性的话 manner 无礼的态度 offensive weapons 攻击性的武器 sight 令人生厌的景色

  23. Mini-test Use it e.g. Focus Study— Word Using 7. appeal v. ① attract; interest ② make a strong request for help, support, etc. The idea of living in that city doesn’t appeal to me at all. Relief workers in the disaster area are appealing for more help and supplies. What appeals to you most when you chose your major?

  24. Mini-test Translation Key e.g. Focus Study— Word Using 8. negative adj. ① bad or harmful ② saying or meaning ‘no’ The girl gave him a negative response. 我对我的工作感到很没劲—事实上我正考虑换工作。 I’m feeling very negative about my job—in fact I’m thinking about moving.

  25. Focous Study D. turn... on Focus Study— A mini-test 1. Think before you ___ the tap ___. Do you really need the water? B. turn... off A. turn... down C.turn... out

  26. Focous Study A. down B. out Focus Study— A mini-test 2. They ___ laughter at the sight of us. A. ran into B. burst into C. burst out D. went into 3. Then Johnny reached quickly ___ the other pot, vigorously boiling on the stove. C. for D. to

  27. Focous Study A. I go B. going A. disgust Focus Study— A mini-test 4. While ___ to the movies, I happened to see a terrible accident. C. went D. to go 5. She will be angry if you ______ her while she is sleeping. B. disturb C. disappoint D. dismiss

  28. Structure & Main Ideas Structure & Main Ideas Structure & Main Ideas Structure & Main Ideas Structure & Main Ideas Part II Part III Part V Part I Part IV The passage is made up of 29 paragraphs, and, as shown in the sequence of time & space, it can be roughly divided into five parts.

  29. This part deals with direct conflict between Sandy and her father over her favorite music. Part II Part III Part V Part I Part IV [Para. 1-4]

  30. This part, as a transitional one, deals with how Sandy took a shower, which implies her annoyance and paves the way for the conflict with her mother. Part II Part III Part V Part I Part IV [Para. 5]

  31. Sandy and her mother were in a total disagreement over her ways of eating, teeth-brushing, dressing, and makeup, etc. Part II Part III Part V Part I Part IV [Para. 6-20]

  32. Sandy’s mother and father talked over their concerns about Sandy’s growth and decided to have a talk with her. Part II Part III Part V Part I Part IV [Para. 21-28]

  33. Sandy’s mother thought about how to talk to her daughter on her way to work. She wanted to protect Sandy while giving her the freedom to find her own identity. Part II Part III Part V Part I Part IV [Para. 29]

  34. Text Study N H C E 1. blast (Para. 1) (使)发出响而持续的音乐声(或其他声音) 音乐放到了最大音量。 The music blasted out at full volume.

  35. Text Study N H C E 2. Sandy sang along with the words as she lay listening to her favorite radio station. (Para. 1) It isn’t healthy to eat standing up. v.+ v-ing 表示同时伴随发生的动作 eg. 她站在窗前看日落。 watching the sunset. She stands at the window Practice

  36. Text Study N H C E Translation v.+ v-ing 表示同时伴随发生的动作 • 躺着看电视真舒服。 • 开车打手机很危险。 • It feels so comfortable to lie watching TV. • It is dangerous to drive making calls by cell phones.

  37. Text Study N H C E Use It 3. …it does have rhythm. (Para. 2) 如果句子中没有助动词,在肯定句中可以用do表示强调,一般译为“务必,一定,确实” — He hasn’t write to me for a long time. — She send you a letter last week. did — She doesn’t like me at all. — You are quite wrong---shelike you. does

  38. Text Study N H C E 4. reach for (Para. 3) 伸手去抓 eg. reach forwhat is Beyond one's grasp; Bite off more than one can chew; aim too high 好高骛远

  39. Text Study N H C E Translation Use It 5. I can’t stand it. (Para. 4) = I can’t bear it. • 看她化的妆,真受不了! • Look at her makeup! I can’t stand it! • Under what kind of situation will you • use such an expression? What a mess here! I can’t stand/bear it!

  40. Text Study N H C E 6. as well as (Para. 4) conj.除······之外(也) 网恋不论从理论上来说还是实际结果显示都远不尽人意。 cyber romance/ in theory/ in practice/ far from perfect In theory as well as in practice, cyber romance is far from perfect.

  41. Text Study N H C E 和平常一样 7. as usual (Para. 6) 和平常一样 她和往常一样静静地躺着,回想着一天来自己做的事情。 in peace and quiet/go over in one’s mind As usual, she lay in peace and quiet, going over in her mind what she had done for the day.

  42. Text Study N H C E 结束,完毕 8. be done (Para. 12) 结束,完毕 木已成舟(生米做成熟饭)。 not be undone What’s done cannot be undone.

  43. Text Study N H C E Translation 9. I’ve got to go. = I have to go. (Para. 20) In informal American English, people sometimes just use “got” (in spoken English). 我想到办法啦! I’ve got an idea! / I got an idea!

  44. Text Study N H C E 冲出,猛冲 10. bolt out of (Para. 20) 冲出,猛冲 听到考试被取消的消息后,他冲出教室玩去了。 at the news that… /be canceled/seek fun At the news that the exam had been canceled, he bolted out of the classroom to seek fun.

  45. Text Study N H C E 11. one’s stomach is full of knots/have knots in one’s stomach (Para. 23)心乱如麻 她有几门考试没通过,使她心烦意乱。 fail in sth./make one’s stomach filled with knots She failed in quite a few exams, which made her stomach filled with knots.

  46. Text Study N H C E 12. make one’s blood boil (Para. 23)使某人生气 他生活的坏习惯使她如此恼火以致提出了离婚。 bad habits of living/so… that/ come up with/divorce His bad habits of living made her blood boil so much that she came up with divorce.

  47. Text Study N H C E 13. appeal to(Para. 24)对······有吸引力 分享幽默短信对女孩子和男孩子同样具有吸引力。 share sth. with each other/humorous messages/as much… as Sharing humorous messages with each other appeals as much to girls as to boys.

  48. Text Study N H C E 14. get rid of(Para. 25)摆脱;丢掉 人越想摆脱某个想法,越难如愿 。 be eager to do sth. / to make it The more eager one is to get rid of some idea, the harder it is for one to make it.

  49. Summary English Equivalents of Chinese 1 Creative Application of Typical Expressions 2 Further Application of Typical Patterns 3 Writing Home Pre-reading Text

  50. N H C E English Equivalents of Chinese sing along with words burst into the room brush one’s hair put on makeup wear eyeliner bolt out of the house sit down in peace and quiet make sb’s blood boil get rid of sth. have knots in one’s stomach