rex johnson sons jewellers itv central n.
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Rex Johnson & Sons Jewellers ITV Central PowerPoint Presentation
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Rex Johnson & Sons Jewellers ITV Central

Rex Johnson & Sons Jewellers ITV Central

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Rex Johnson & Sons Jewellers ITV Central

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  1. Rex Johnson & Sons JewellersITV Central

  2. Background • Rex Johnson & Sons is a family-owned jewellery business established in Birmingham 35 years ago. It has shops in Birmingham and Dudley. • The company is renowned for its integrity and collecting fine examples of royal jewellery and items of historical interest. These have included pieces from the Duchess of Windsor sale in Geneva, Jackie Kennedy’s estate and Princess Margaret’s treasured jewellery. • However, the talking point in recent months has been a ‘gold rush’ the shops have been experiencing. In a difficult economic climate, the jewellers have been offering customers an opportunity to exchange their unwanted silver and gold for cash.

  3. Media Strategy • Previous marketing activity in 2007 had targeted potential customers through local press. • In 2008, Rex Johnson & Sons decided to test television in the Central West region, enabling them to reach out to a larger audience and lift their profile even further. • While using newspaper campaigns they were spending £10,000 a day buying back jewellery. However, during the campaign on ITV1 they were spending up to £20,000. Customers were flooding in and even queuing outside the door.

  4. Media Strategy ITV produced an emailable flyer enabling them to spread the word about their debut TV campaign before it was even aired.

  5. Future Relations With ITV • Rex Johnson & Sons has already booked a further three campaigns on the back of the success of its last one. The campaigns will be broadcast in September, October and December. • For these campaigns the Birmingham-based jewellers has even enlisted the help of a celebrity antique dealer, David Dickinson.

  6. The Campaign Campaign Details Adults ITV1 Central West 18 - 28 June 2008 31 spots 118 tvrs 39% off-peak spots 52% peak spots 10% late peak spots

  7. Results Touch of Midas for city jewellers Rex Johnson Cashing in on silver rush “The shop has had queues outside for the last 12 weeks” “We are getting people coming in with old bracelets and necklaces they are no longer wearing – it’s the busiest we have been since 1980!”

  8. Testimonial “It met all my expectations and more. Without doubt, television advertising is the best way of getting your name in front of the public – it lifts your profile considerably and puts you on a different level to your competitors. I believe the public see you in a different light and have more confidence in the product/brand… Without question there was an increase in footfall at both our shops – not only during the advertising campaign, but at least two to three weeks afterwards. I would suggest it was an increase of about 20%. We also had good feedback from customers who had seen the advert. I would definitely consider TV advertising in the future, as I believe the public remember you better and the perception is much higher.” David Johnson, Managing Director