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Peter Hicks and Mary Hicks’ Sons: PowerPoint Presentation
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Peter Hicks and Mary Hicks’ Sons:

Peter Hicks and Mary Hicks’ Sons:

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Peter Hicks and Mary Hicks’ Sons:

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Peter Hicks and Mary Hicks’ Sons: Simon Peter Hicks Robert Walter Hicks Dan Hicks Sam Hicks George Hicks Tude Hicks Peter Hicks and Cal Hicks’ Son: Elma Hicks

  2. Simon Peter Hicks and Izetta Johnson Hicks Family By by Jan Tinner-Hudgins (“Kitty”) Granddaughter

  3. Izetta Johnson Hicks Wife of Simon Peter Hicks

  4. Six sons Calvin, Ennis, Grady, Clairmore, Clyde and Grandison (“Bud”) Hicks With Izetta Hicks

  5. Five Daughters Ophelia, Adelena, Lora, Juanita, and Allie

  6. Calvin and Dale Hicks Chicago, IL

  7. Mr. Ennis Hicks and Mrs. Elvie Johnson Hicks Paris, TX

  8. Grady Hicks Paris, TX

  9. Clairmore Hicks, Sr. and Ella Oates Hicks Paris, TX

  10. Clyde Hicks Fort Worth, TX

  11. Grandison Hicks (Bud) Grandison Hicks (“Bud”) and Wilma Harris Hicks Grand Prairie, TX

  12. Ophelia Hicks Handy Phoenix, AZ

  13. Adelena Hicks Threets (“Dolly”) Denver, CO

  14. Lora Hicks Hodges Phoenix, AZ

  15. Juanita Hicks Hughes Paris, TX

  16. Allie Hicks Brown Midland, TX

  17. Ennis Hicks and Children Sons: James Hicks, Charles Hicks, Alfred Leon Hicks, Ralph Hicks and Haskell Ray “Hack” Hicks, and Roosevelt Heath Daughters: Martha Ann Hicks, Mary Joyce Hicks Davis, Mary Jane Harmon, Cleta Hicks, and Barbara Ann Hall

  18. Ennis & Calvin Hicks, nieces Ennis & Calvin Hicks Calvin, Ennis and his sons Elvie Hicks, daughters, and their friend

  19. Adelena Hicks Threets Daughters Helen Marie Johnson Woods Doris Johnson Lloyd

  20. Lora Hicks Hodge and Andrew Jackson Hodge Sons and Daughters: Mamie Hodges Jones James Hodges Roy Hodges William Hodges Katie Hodges James Tony Hodges Ruby Hodges Brown Mildred Hodges Waters Loraine Hodges Mosley Ruby, Loraine, Mildred, Katy - 2009

  21. Hicks-Hodge (Arizona)sons and daughters of Lora Hicks Hodge James Hodge Roy Hodge Mamie Izetta Hodge Jones Tony Hodge

  22. Clairmore Hicks, Sr. and Ella Oates Hicks Carolyn Hicks Washington Danny Hicks Clairmore Hicks, Jr. Charlene Hicks Dirks

  23. Juanita Hicks Hughes Daughters Portia Kendricks Lisa Louise Hughes Son Nathaniel Kendricks “Joe Boy”

  24. Allie Hicks Brown Daughter Jan Tinner-Hudgins “Kitty”

  25. Allie and Juanita Hicks and niece Doris

  26. Juanita Hicks Hughes, her daughter Portia and mother Izetta Johnson Hicks

  27. Allie Hicks Brown and daughter Jan Tinner-Hudgins “Kitty”

  28. Simon Hicks’ daughter Allie, granddaughters Helen, Doris

  29. Ophelia Hicks Handy and husband Rev. A. C. Handy

  30. Lora Hicks Hodge and daughters Katie and Ruby

  31. Juanita Hicks Hughes, Izetta Johnson Hicks and Ophelia Hicks Handy

  32. Information Unavailable • Sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren for the following Hicks brothers: • Tude Hicks • Elma Hicks

  33. Sons Daughters Robert Walter Hicks and Ada Hicks • Freddie Hicks • Ivory Hicks • Luther Hicks • Robert Hicks (“Dobb”) • Ernest Hicks • Lumus Hicks • Jake Hicks • Clarkston Hicks (“Chock”) Daisy Hicks McGlory

  34. George Hicks and Mattie Hicks Sons Daughters Lela “John” Hicks Wortham Ruby Hicks Moore Opal Hicks Brown • Boyce Hicks • Allen T. Hicks • Kermit “Sonny” Hicks

  35. Sam Hicks and Norvella Hicks • Sons and Daughters • Emma Hicks • Lenon Hicks • Estella Hicks • Inez Hicks • Idell Hicks • Mildred Hicks • Alvern Hicks • Minnie Lee Hicks • Neurn Hicks

  36. Ennis Hicks

  37. Izetta Hicks & Allie Hicks

  38. Grandison “Bud” Hicks, Adelena Hicks Threets, and “Bud’s” son Mike

  39. Clairmore Hicks, Sr. & niece Ruby Hodge Brown Grandchildren: Tony Hodge and Mildred Hodge Waters Allie Hicks Brown & Adelena Hicks Threets “Dolly”

  40. Simon and Izetta Hicks’ grandchildren, Son “Bud” and Daughter Allie


  42. James Hicks and Nathaniel “Joe Boy” Kendricks Haskell Ray “Hack” Hicks and Alfred Leon Hicks Grandsons

  43. Mr. Ennis Hicks’ 85th birthday celebration

  44. grandchildren Cleta and Joyce James, Barbara Ann, Roosevelt

  45. Granddaughters Carolyn Portia Carolyn Charlene Charlene Portha Lisa

  46. Mary Joyce Hicks Davis, Clyde Hicks, Mary Jane Hicks Harmon

  47. Grandchildren Alfred Leon Hicks Cleta Hicks

  48. Granddaughters Katie, Ruby, & Mildred Daughters of Lora Hicks Hodge