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Saul Bass

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Saul Bass

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  1. Saul Bass By Lauren Vasey

  2. This presentation is about The works of Saul Bass • My aim is to bring awareness about his life and works and introduce you to his passion and love of Graphic design and Title sequences in film. • He was an important part to the film industry and his inept talent for symbolism has made him the most respected man of his field today. Introduction

  3. Born in 1920, in the Bronx, New York. • His father was an Émigré Furrier. • Spent his childhood drawing and painting. • At 16 Bass won a scholarship to study at the Art Students League in Manhatten and studied at Brooklyn College. • Taught by GyorgyKepes, also an Émigré Furrier. The Beginning

  4. Throughout Bass’ education he had many apprenticeships with ManhattenDesign firms. • Moving on to become a freelance Graphic Designer known as ‘Commercial artist’. • Leaves New York due to its constraints • Freelancing in LA until he set up his own studio. Growing and Moving on

  5. Bass worked in advertising until Preminger. • 1954 Preminger commissioned Bass to design a poster for ‘Carmen Jones’. • Impressive work led to the title sequence. • This shadowed Bass’ previous work and introduced him to what was to become his life’s work. The First Step

  6. (You tube carmen jones) • ‘Carmen Jones’ led Bass to designing the title sequences for more films with Robert Aldrich and Billy Wilder. The Talent Shows

  7. The first big achievement. • Bass found his skill to define a film and produce it as a title sequence. • The first sequence to really change the face of cinema and the way they were made, shown and viewed. Changing Forever

  8. Bass also made animations • ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ was a big success. • ‘Tearful Eye’ made for Preminger’s ‘BounjourTristesse’. Animation

  9. 1958 Hitchcock and Bass collaboration. • Vertigo • North by Northwest • Psycho Hitchcock

  10. Hitchcock was a clear inspiration for Bass. • They both had a clear understanding of semiotics and the importance of every little detail. • Hitchcock was a fan of Bass and had a lot of trust for him. inspiration

  11. Stanley Kubrick ‘Sparticus’ • Bass creates many wonderful title sequences. • Bass starts making shorts and wins Oscar for ‘Why Man Creates’ • This inspired him to create a feature in 1974 which sadly flopped. Still Going

  12. Bass returned to corporate graphic design. • Designing corporate identities for, United Airlines, AT&T, Minolta, Bell Telephone System and Warner Communications. Back on Top

  13. 1984 Olympic Games poster. • Posters for the Academy awards.

  14. 1987 Bass creates the titles for James Brooks Broadcast News. • 1988 Penny Marshals ‘Big’ Change of style

  15. 1990 began the collaboration that was Saul’s most successful. • Goodfellas • Cape Fear. • The Age of Innocence. • Casino Scorses

  16. Bass style has inspired many other open credits for example, • Catch me if you can • Six feet under • Passion of the christ inspiration

  17. Saul Bass died in in 1996 • Created the credits for over 60 years • His avant-garde style and symbolic creations are what he is most famous for. The End

  18. Saul Bass has made a lot of celebrated and iconic work. • Although he has had such an inspirational career, the man remained mysterious and unknown to the public through out his life. In conclusion