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What were you doing when the UFO arrived ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What were you doing when the UFO arrived ?

What were you doing when the UFO arrived ?

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What were you doing when the UFO arrived ?

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  1. Go for it! What were you doing when the UFO arrived ? Unit 3 period1

  2. grow grew run ran mean meant fall fell tell told hear heard take took buy bought fly flew make made think thought eat ate cut cut get got go went ring rang become became leave left sleep slept shop shopped 写出过去式

  3. Make a survey A: What were you doing at nine o’clock last Sunday morning? B: I was sleeping. How about you? A: I was doing my homework.

  4. 1 in a river swimming 2 in a park playing basketball 3 in a shop doing some shopping 4 at home cooking 5 at home watching TV 6 at home doing my homework Ask and answer in pairsWhere were you at 6:00 yesterday evening?What were you doing ?

  5. Unit 3What were you doing when the UFO arrived? 1a. Match the statements with the people in the pictures. 1.__I was in the bathroom. d I was getting out of the shower. 2.__I was in my bedroom. b I was sleeping late. 3.__I was in front of the library. a I was borrowing some books. 4.__I was in the kitchen. c I was cooking dinner. e 5.__I was in my barber shop. I was cutting my hair. 6.__I was in the barber’s chair. f I was sitting on the chair.

  6. 1b Listen and circle the correct responses. • Standing in front of the library / studying in the library b. Cleaning my room /sleeping late c. Making a smoothie /cooking dinner d. Getting out of the shower / talking on the phone e. Eating lunch / cutting hair

  7. boy young man barber man girl woman Pair work: A: Where was the girl when the UFO arrived? B: She was in front of the library. A: What was she doing when the UFO arrived? B: She was standing in front of the library.

  8. ____ The alien visited the Museum of Flight. ____ The alien bought a souvenir. ____ A UFO landed on Center Street. ____ The alien went into a store. ____ An alien got out of the UFO. 2a Listen and order these statements [ 1-5 ]. 5 4 1 3 2

  9. 2b Listen again. Complete the following sentences with “when” or “while”. when 1. The boy was walking down the street ______ a UFO landed. 2. The girl was shopping _____ she saw the alien get out. 3. ______ the alien was buying a souvenir, the girl called the police. 4. ______ the alien was visiting the museum, the boy called the TV station. when While While

  10. 2a 2b Comparing the following sentences: • The boy was walking down the street when the UFO landed. While the boy was walking down the street, the UFO landed. • The girl was shopping when the alien got out. Whilethe girl was shopping, the alien got out.

  11. 总结 • 1. when可指时间点,又可指时间段,从句中可用延续性动词,也可用非延续性动词。 • 2. while总是指一个时间段,从句中必须用延续性动词。

  12. Summary: 过去进行时的构成: • 1.概念:表示过去某个时刻或过去一段时间正在进行的动作. • 2.公式:主语+was/were+doing sth +时间状语 • 3.指示词:then, at that time, once, • 等连用,或者用另一动作来表示过去的时间.

  13. Exercises 1.昨天早上9点钟你在干什么? • What were you doing at 9 o’clock yesterday morning? 2.不明飞行物起飞时,小明正在骑自行车. XiaoMing was riding his bike when the UFO took off. 3.那时,他们正在做家庭作业. They were doing their homework at that time. 4.今早给你打电话的时候你正在干什么? What were youdoing when I called you up this morning? 5.当他正睡觉的时候他梦见了UFO. While he was sleeping ,she dreamed about UFO.

  14. Fill in the chart

  15. Report • Mary was at homewhen /while I was in the street .Mary was talking with her motherwhen/while I was walking.She thinks it was boring. Susan slept at homewhen/while Mary was talking with her mother.It was relaxing.