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My Class!!

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My Class!!

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  1. My Class!! By: Erica Cooke

  2. Mrs. Apple!(Cooperating Teacher) Mrs. Wendy!! (Teacher Assistant)

  3. My Lovely Students! • Travier: Travier is a very outgoing and talkative person. He is not afraid to say if he needs help or to ask a question. He usually races through his work and stays on task…. For the most part. • Nyla: Nyla is a very quiet and sweet young lady. She tries very hard in class to get her work done. She stays focused very well and gets all of her work on. She is going to be and already is a bright little girl and she will definitely go far in her education, she loves to learn. • Travis:Travis is a very, nice young man. He is always trying so hard to get his work done! He is willing to learn anything. He is on a higher level than the other kids in our class. He spends most of the time in another classroom. • Allura: Allura is very sweet and just adorable. She works hard everyday and gets very proud of herself when she succeeds in a task. She is starting to slow down and really focus on her work and not fly through it.

  4. My Lovely Students Continued…. • Brantson: Brantson is a very cute and sweet little boy. He is always happy and rarely gets frustrated. He catches onto math very quickly but when he needs help he will always ask. He really tries in all the things he does in class and loves doing crafts. • Cameron: Cameron is a very outgoing student as well. He loves to joke and run around. He can be a little lazy when is comes to do his work. On a great day he is very successful and flies through his work as well. He is definitely the “clown” of the class. • Aaliyah: Aaliyah is a very quiet and sneaky little girl. She is improving on her work everyday and is always very quiet. It is rare if we hear a peep out of her while she is in class. She is always trying her best and never gives up. • Louie: Louie is very funny and so sweet! He is extremely smart and able to get through is work with ease. He loves playing computer games where you have to smash objects and he likes when you have to find things too. He is very good at staying focused and loves the crafts that we give to them.

  5. My lovely Students Continued…. • Logan: Logan is one of our kindergartners. He is all over the place. He is very smart and he gets all of his work done. We are working on getting him to keep eye contact when he is speaking to people. • Ka’jaun: Ka’jaun is such a sweet boy. He is the other kindergarten that is in our class. He is very good about listening and learning everything that he can in the class. He is always positive, happy, and focused. • Jerell: Jerell is definitely one of our “outgoing” students. He can be very talkative but he can be productive too. He has learned and absorbed so much since he has been in this class. • Jevon: Jevon is a very nice boy. He has progressed a huge amount since when he first entered the classroom. He is very sweet but is so outgoing and very funny!

  6. My students!

  7. My students continued….

  8. My students continued….

  9. Our Special Education Students • In my classroom we have three different disabilities: Intellectual Disability (ID) Other Health Impairment (OHI) Specific Learning Disability (SLD)

  10. Theme! The theme in my internship classroom is Apples, like my cooperating teachers last name, Mrs. Apple!

  11. Our Inside Joke Inside my class the teachers, including myself, we all call each other crazy. We are always laughing, being crazy, and fun. This helps to lighten the air in the room so the kids are able to help focus on their work easier. So our class inside joke is: We Are All Special!!

  12. Daily Routines The class has somewhat of a flow but most of the time the kids have a certain amount of work to get done so they all work at their own pace in the classroom. In the morning my cooperating teacher works with the smaller kids on their math and reading, while the bigger kids are working on their independent work and go to P.E. The kids have a board with stars on it and the stars are color coded to what they have to do throughout the day. The things that they have to get done daily are their sight words, journal, fast math, and multiple online programs that help them with spelling and math. After lunch while the little kids go to P.E Mrs. Apple works with the older kids on their math and language that they missed while they were in P.E. Then after they have gotten all of their stars and if an extra work has been done they have what we call Social Play. This gives the students the chance to interact with their peers in a free social environment which helps them social interaction skills.

  13. Behavior and discipline plan We have worms in the classroom on the wall that are; red, green, and yellow. A green is if you are good, yellow is if you have acted out a few times in the day, and red if you are not behaving accordingly the entire day then you get a phone call or a note home. You get two yellow worms before you are changed to a red worm. The students can also earn back their green worm if they only had one yellow worm! We usually do not have many behavior problems in this class, if we do it is very small minor acts of bad behavior.