the life cycle of a 3gpp spec n.
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The life-cycle of a 3GPP Spec PowerPoint Presentation
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The life-cycle of a 3GPP Spec

The life-cycle of a 3GPP Spec

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The life-cycle of a 3GPP Spec

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  1. The life-cycle of a 3GPP Spec Abridged for family viewing.

  2. xxx yyy yyy Legend … Pale green =Action by Rapporteur(or other WG delegate) Turquoise =Action by Project Manager Yellow =Action by Specifications Manager Click on button for links to related information on the web.

  3. start Identify the spec Download CR cover page Download to own PC A spec needs changing …

  4. Revise CR. Follow the instructions on the CR cover page and on the web to prepare the Change Request. Wait for comments Ready for WG meeting Optionally, distribute to WG via e-mail exploder. Deadline for comments reached WG delegate comments

  5. Prepare formal Tdoc to WG meeting. Record details of CR in CR database (WG-specific). Receive request. Wait for Tdoc no. Idle (ha!) Idle This process is being automated via web application. CR number may have been granted at same time as TDoc number, or may wait till CR is agreed by WG. Request Tdoc number Grant Tdoc number Use Tdoc number.

  6. Update CR database (WG-specific). Check CR for consistency. Present CR to WG meeting. Agree CR. CR agreed. Conforms to instructions in 3GPP TRs 21.900 and 21.801? Does not conflict with other CRs? CRs may be accumulated over several WG meetings between two TSG meetings.

  7. Update master database CR entries for all WGs. CR agreed. Idle (ha!) Ready for TSG. Idle All CR entries for WG. Thus must happen before the start of the TSG meeting. TSG plenary approaches …

  8. Present CRs to TSG. Update master database. Discuss and approve (or reject, etc) CRs. Ready for TSG. Idle Idle Ready to implement CR. This may actually be done by WG chairman. TSG plenary starts …

  9. Download Spec from server. Edit spec to incorporate all CRs. Record receipt of Spec. Ready to implement CR. Idle Completed spec to Specs Manager. All done? TSG plenary has finished …

  10. Update master database to indicate “supplied”. Make file available on 3GPP server (and MCC-internal mirror) in:Meeting-related directory;“Latest” directory;Archive directory. Update master database to indicate “available”. Plausibility check on edited spec.(Date, version number, references, change history, page layout, etc.) Idle Time is off the essence:beware deadline for spec availability!

  11. Send to ETSI for transposition as ETSI TS/TR. Idle Certain TRs are internal working documents of TSGs. Other SDOs retrieve Spec from 3GPP file server. Spec relates to a frozen Release? Is for publication? N Y N Y