welcome to our coffee morning n.
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Welcome to our Coffee Morning PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to our Coffee Morning

Welcome to our Coffee Morning

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Welcome to our Coffee Morning

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  1. Welcome to our Coffee Morning November 8th 2012

  2. Growing intelligence • What we are born with is just a start. • It is what we do that makes a big difference to how our brains grow.

  3. Intelligence is not set! • Learning makes neurons become denser, new neurons are added and they communicate more with each other.

  4. In some ways our brains are like muscles. • To make muscles grow we train harder. • Sometimes making our muscles grow can be challenging and it can be painful,

  5. Making our brains grow… • Takes effort; • Takes time; • Is challenging; • Can hurt!

  6. How are we helping brains to grow? • Teaching that we can make our brains grow; • Praising effort, persistance, resilience. • Teaching that we can learn anything given time, effort and help. • Teaching that learning can be hard but magical when you ‘get it’!

  7. If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning. • Carol Dweck

  8. Feedback from previous coffee morning. • What are experiences for all age groups in PE both within the curriculum and extra-curricular activities? • KS1 football club now added • Opportunities for PE for four days a week. • Range of PE skills covered across the year. • Inter school opportunities being developed.

  9. Diary dates on newsletter. • House points – more recognition? • Special days/weeks • Done! • Leading team had ‘treat’ at half term. • More ‘house’ activities planned. • Art Week - March • World of work week – June 17th

  10. Can parents offer support? • Email address for contact with school. • Can we have a dentist visit the school? • Letter sent out and teachers approaching parents. Thank you! • • Following up contact for this.

  11. Cooking club started –thank you to Mrs Barnard and Mrs Chant Yes but depends on numbers. This has become a whole school priority led by Miss Hutchins together with Mr Roebuck. • More food technology please. • Can children learn stringed instuments? • Use of outdoor learning environment?

  12. School Council are looking at we playtimes in general. New games English – 5:30 Nov 20th Phonics – 3:00 Nov 12th Maths – Mr Roebuck and Miss Hutchins – this half term. • Wet Play times - use of hall? • Workshops for parents?

  13. Christmas BazaarDecember 7th An event to promote independence, organisation, thinking of others as well as being a fun, special occasion. Funds raised will be divided between Children in Need and KSSA.

  14. Please could children bring in some items that other children can then buy. • Children choose up to three people to buy gifts for. • Children bring in up to £3 and buy presents. • They then wrap and label presents ready to give at Christmas. • Donations can be sent in from now on!

  15. Questions and Ideas?