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iCube Profile

iCube Profile

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iCube Profile

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  1. iCube Profile • Sage developing partner • Publisher of workflow based management system software • Market to SMBs for manufactures, distributors, resellers, service centers, contractors, retailers and web-stores • Founded in July 1993 • Headquarters: Silicon valley, USA • Branches: Los Angeles USA, Toronto Canada, China, India Product Overview 12Q4b

  2. iCube stands for the company vision nnovate nspire deal innovate & inspire for ideal Product Overview 12Q4b

  3. Product lines Services WMS Manufacturing eWorkflows Ordering & logistics Sage ERPs Product Overview 12Q4b

  4. Ext. Integration to ERP w/ SDK Customer care, CRM Link RMA, RTV, eService Depot repair ,Field service Subcontracting eSO, Customer Portal ePO, Vendor Portal SO2PO, PO2SO Shipment Control Receipt Control eBOM, eWO Product release, ECO, BOM Manufacturing Quote, WO, Production Control, QC MRP, Capacity planning Production Workforce Manufacturing Intelligent Wireless Scan WMS eWorkflow CRM Lite Sage SDK OE PO Orders Revisions Transactions Status, progress Communication Documents Audit trails Workflows Setup AR IC AP GL Lot Serial IC BOM SO PO AP, AR GL Sage database iCube database - External & integrated to Sage ERP w/ SDK, or run standalone - Require ERP modules SO, PO, IC, AR, AP, GL Product Overview 12Q4b

  5. Improve user interface for ‘ease’ • Implement workflow to control works to be done per rules to deliver consistency • Present intelligent data to ease decision • Progress, status, communication, notes, revisions, issues/resolution, attachments • Who did what at when for previous processes • Control user only to access his/her responsible customers, items and vendors to protect secret • Others • Document attachment for spec, POs, contracts, logo, pictures, drawings etc. • Revision control to show details and changes in history for reconciliation • View inventory in other locations/companies and post request for fulfillment Product Overview 12Q4b

  6. Multi-interfaces fit work requirement Mobile to inquire & approve orders Web interface for remote access for internal users, branch offices, customers & vendors RF scanners to rece, pick, pack, repack etc. by pallet, carton& item For CRM users to process SOs, customer care, RMAs & inquire inventory / order status Windows interface for internal users for fast processing Product Overview 12Q4b

  7. Workflows add productivity/consistency Create Revision history ePO: Create & Edit => Active PO & Hold Edit Sage SDK PO approve 1 ePO: PO approve 1 Keep Active & Hold ePO: PO approve n => Unhold Active SO PO approve n Receipt control Receive RC: PO receive Receive POs Product Overview 12Q4b

  8. User level control of trade secret - Unlike most ERPs that once users can access SO & PO, they can access all customers & vendors & items, Supply1st allows next level of security control to define who (customers, vendors) and what items can be view/access by this user - This feature protects company trade secrets and control only authorized users to process certain items Product Overview 12Q4b

  9. Attach docs to define orders Product Overview 12Q4b

  10. Revisions add quality & traceability > Show revision history of orders w/ click to list full order detail > Route latest revision to process to avoid mistakes Product Overview 12Q4b

  11. Instant inter-company transactions List SO items ready to ship w/ one ETD per entry Inventory status for this item in this warehouse List PO items pending to receive w/ one ETD/entry Revise ETD to split qty 6 to qty 4 & qty 2 w/ different ETD Generate PO to branch/vendor to fulfill backlog items > View what SO items are due to ship, inventory status & ETA of PO & WO > Split short SO items to multiple ETDs, releases available items to “Pick“, revise ETD for unavailable items > Email order acknowledgement (SO doc w/ previous shipment & revised ETDs of outstanding items) Product Overview 12Q4b

  12. Seamless cust/vendor integration > Vendors view & download their POs > Revise PO ETD, update status, collaborate > view history of PO, invoice & payment > Customers enter SO & service request > View - order & shipment status - service & status - item, inventory - statistics & credit balance - trans for invoice, SO, services, invoice, payment Product Overview 12Q4b

  13. End-to-end order/logistics integration SC: Shipment control (release SO to ship, revise ETD, email SO acknowledgment & notify, pick, pack, ship, bill) Product Overview 12Q4b

  14. Ordering & Logistics solution • eSO • Shipment Control • ePO • Receipt Control • Customer Portal • Vendor Portal • PO2SO • eBOM • eWO Product Overview 12Q4b

  15. Sales Order Workflow eSO: Create & Edit => Active SO & Hold Sage SDK Create eSO: Sales approve Keep Active & Hold Revision history Edit eSO: Credit approve => Unhold Active SO Sales order bid To sales order, SO to PO / WO Sales approve eSO: Pick Print picking slip w/ items allocated to ship Credit approve eSO: Ship/Invoice Ship items w/ option to invoice Allow to enter misc charges, tracking no & serial no. Shipping Control Pick & Pack Product Overview 12Q4b Ship & Invoice

  16. Streamline shipping process • iCube Shipment Control • Workflow to allocate SO items -> pick -> ship -> invoice • View full inventory status to decide who gets what & quantity • QSO, QPO, QSO at all locations in current & related companies • Split SO lines to multi iCube sub-lines to reflect each ETD/sub-line for partial shipment • Control picking items matching released items to ship • Auto generate inter-company/drop-ship POs to fulfill shipments from branches & vendors Product Overview 12Q4b

  17. Plan, reschedule & release shipm’t SO items ready to ship w/ 1 ETD / sub-line Inventory status for this item in this warehouse PO items pending to receive w/ 1 ETD / sub-line Revise ETD to split qty 6 to qty 4 & qty 2 w/ different ETD Auto gen inter-company / drop-ship PO to fulfill backlog > View what SO items are due to ship, inventory status & ETA of PO & WO > Split short SO items to multiple ETDs, releases available items to “Pick“, revise ETD for unavailable items > Email order acknowledgement (SO doc w/ previous shipment & revised ETDs of outstanding items) Product Overview 12Q4b

  18. Pick, Pack, Ship, Invoice • “Pick” • Pick items for storage to QA/pack, print picking ticket • “Pack” • Transform items to package forms (pallets, cartons…) • Print packing slips & labels • “Ship” • Log tracking no, generate Bill-of-lading • “Invoice” • Enter freight, misc. charge for shipment/drop-shipments Product Overview 12Q4b

  19. Warehouse automation • Wireless scanning • PO / intransit receipt, put away • SO pick, pack & ship • IC transfer, count, issue, receive • Unpack/pack pallet, cartons • Built-in BIN • Support storage/transaction w/ multi-Unit of Meas. • Support lot & serial inventory • Integrate w/ partner by web-service or import Product Overview 12Q4b

  20. Wscan, functionality Product Overview 12Q4b

  21. Built-in bins • Provide bins for receiving, shipping, storage, defective, RMA & user-definable type • IC transactions are at bin level in iCube & • At BIN level if Sage ERP has BIN feature available or • At warehouse if otherwise • Reports/inquiries to show transactions, bin status • Benefits • save the BIN module in Sage • retain same inventory structure • upgrade with iCube or 3rd party BIN module as need Product Overview 12Q4b

  22. PO/Intransit Receipt Receive PO/Intransit order to a designated receiving BIN to inspect and put away to stock bin Product Overview 12Q4b

  23. Store Inventory by different UOMs Product Overview 12Q4b

  24. End to End service mgm’t system iCube Customer1st™ • Customer return • Vendor return • Depot service • Field service • Customer care • Service quote • Service contracting • eServices • Standalone all-in-1 Service Center Product Overview 12Q4b

  25. Customer Care > Track customer service from request till resolution > Services include service sales, RMA, field services, tech support, warranty maintenance etc. > Log communication, note, status, progress, issues, resolution w/ email updates to customers Product Overview 12Q4b

  26. RMA & Service order workflow 1 RMA/serv request issue 4a credit RTV in/out 1. Issue RMA or service order > Reps enter in RMA or customer care > Sales enter in Sage CRM or iCube CRM > Customers enter online in “eService” 2 service Acknow. approve 4b vendor RTV 2. Email & online notification 4c 3 service items receive sub- contract 3. Receive items > handle discrepancies of wong items, wrong serial no., wrong configuration, missing items, extra items > email to customers for discrepancies contractor 4d replace 4. Do service w/ options > a. credit return for RMAs > b. return to vendor > c. sub-contract for service > d. replace > e. repair 4e repair pack 5 6 5. Pack serviced items Serv’d items ship, invoice 6. Ship/invoice serviced items Product Overview 12Q4b

  27. eService for direct & indirect custs Support your AR customers (direct) & their customers (indirect) Users see service orders broken down by status. Click an order lists all line items for that order. Click a line item lists detail of that item such as date received, problems, progress, resolution, shipping info & tracking no. etc. • To request service, enter / select • serial no. of serialized item • invoice no. for non-serialized item • problem code, reason, description • System will validate the proof of purchase & warranty w/ email acknowledgement Product Overview 12Q4b

  28. Engineering & Manufacturing • Workflow oriented • Discrete & process based • Item master, product release • BOM, Engineering Change Orders • Production Control, Work Orders • Capacity Planning & Manufacturing Quote • Sales forecast & Material Planning • Production Workforce • Manufacturing Intelligence • SCAR/CAR (quality control) Product Overview 12Q4b

  29. Item Master to classify & control items • - A superset of items in Sage Accpac w/ integration • - Store items you do not want to track in ERP (e.g. spare parts, customer’s part list..) • - Attach documents (pictures, attachments for drawings, schematics, manuals, QA reports, source codes…) • - test sets for qualification & check list for release • - dimension/units, BOM, where-use, knowledge base, ECOs etc. • - Optional fields that store to Accpac optional fields • - Customer & vendor item no. Product Overview 12Q4b

  30. Easy BOM creation, approval & distr. Data organized in tags; Use defined fields for products & materials, Process, & document list Store documents in image, PDF, text, video and audio format. You can store drawings, manuals, release notes, ECOs etc to be accessible online. You can select, view & CREATE BOMs in tree-view. All BOMs are grouped by status & tracked by user & time stamps Product Overview 12Q4b

  31. Easy Mfg scheduling by processes Show outstanding WO and process ready for assigning schedule Show existing schedule by process sequence of a selected WO Show existing schedule of a process or machine To assign schedule, drag the process of a select WO to a empty time slot in calendar Product Overview 12Q4b

  32. Product Card (1) Product Overview 12Q4b

  33. Product Card (2) Product Overview 12Q4b