a look at democracy n.
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A look at Democracy

A look at Democracy

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A look at Democracy

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  1. A look at Democracy Evolution of Democracy Elements of Democracy Creating a Democracy

  2. Evolution of Democracy Find the Evolution of Democracy handout in the Student Common folder For each of the eight documents listed on the handout', your job is to; a) Identify one or two key ideas in the passage b) Put the ideas in your own words (Do not use the legal jargon and strange phrases included in the documents.) Try to write two or three key points for each document – keep it short!c) Find the approximate date for each document. Google will help you with this!d) Now that you have dates and summaries for all eight documents, you will be able to create a graphic timeline. On your timeline, you will need to indicate the date (year only), name of each of the documents studied, and the key idea (or ideas) relating to the development of democracy. **In constructing your timeline, you may use clip art or create your own computer graphics. You can also create your timeline by hand. The key to creating an effective graphic timeline is to design an appropriate picture around which you can organize the necessary information. In the case of the development of democracy, there are many pictures that may prove effective. For example, you might build your timeline around a picture of a road. If you chose to use a " road" as your organizing picture, the developments in democracy might become " signs" along the road. Other design examples include: the construction of a building, the growth of a plant, an ascent up a mountain, or traveling through time" . The key to this assignment is to be creative and think of a picture that will help to reinforce the idea that your timeline deals with the " development of democracy. You will be submitting your timeline for assessment. Please see the rubric on the following slide for how you will be assessed. Take your time, be creative and be sure to include key information!

  3. Evolution of Democracy - Rubric

  4. Elements of Democracy • Rule of Law • Everyone must follow the same laws. Laws should be known, predictable, and impartial. Even the government is subject to the law. • Political Equality • Every citizen has the same right to vote and run for office and to speak on public issues. • Common Good • Democratic citizens should work towards the common good. They should have a sense of responsibility and caring for others. • Personal Freedoms • People enjoy many personal freedoms (i.e. Religion, expression, etc.). • Human Dignity • Protect and uphold the dignity of all people. • Political Freedoms • People can speak freely, form associations, run for office, and vote without being intimidated. • Being Informed and Getting Involved • Ability to communicate openly and participate individually and collectively in issues that shape their community, county, and world. • Respect • Respect the rights and freedoms of all.

  5. Elements of Democracy • Which elements of democracy do you think are the most important? Why? • Which elements to you rely on every day? How? • Are there any elements that you think aren’t necessary? Why or why not. • What do you think happens when someone is denied these elements? • What should happen to someone who tries to deny another person these elements?

  6. Creating A Democracy Working in groups of 4-5, you are to create an ideal government in response to the following scenario: • As a result of a maritime disaster, four thousand people have found themselves indefinitely stuck on an island. 25% of the population is under the age of twelve. 25% of the population is between twelve and seventeen years of age. Everyone else on the island is eighteen or older. While there is no means of escaping the island, the natural resources are sufficient that everyone will have enough to eat for as long as " on average they all work six hours a day. Each person who does not work six hours a day has their share of the food-gathering and -growing duties handled by the remaining islanders. You need to explain how you will address the following factors: how laws and decisions will be established, how laws will be enforced and decisions implemented, how leaders are to be selected, and what powers and responsibilities leaders are to be given. You also need to state 5 important laws that the islanders would create. • You will present your creation to the class. In a democratic fashion, the class will vote for the group that comes up with the best solution with an edible prize being awarded to the winning group.